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Enjoying My time with the Cullens!

I am thrilled that I get to talk to you all! This is make being here by myself a lil more bearable....I live up here in Kennewick by myself in my parents home...Not sure if they are gonna divorce or not!

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It's Impossible

It's impossible somedays to even hear myself think at work. We've been extremely busy lately what with budget cuts, the economy and the hiring freeze. I can see a point to a hiring freeze at some places of employment but at places that provide health care services, that's not exactly the smartest idea. When staff is cut, we all suffer. We suffer as the remaining, over-worked, stressed out employees and the patients suffer from lack of proper response time, fewer appointments and very…

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Darling Esme

*Copyrighted Material*
June 6,… Continue

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September 11, 2001

At 15 you don’t really take that much interest in the world around you. Teenagers only care about their popularity ranks and themselves. It was a beautiful Fall day, a cloudless day. Something you don’t really get here in La Push often. It was tempting taking the day off school. Unfortunately mom made sure I walked through the gate with a smile and a wave from the car. The bell rang at 8:30am for the students to make their way to their first class. I stopped by my locker, which was in one of… Continue

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the first silhouette of you

i see

some of immortality

was covered some death in my arms

i see

some of liar…


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Attention Uk Twilighters!

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Are you from the UK and love Twilight? Want the chance to spend the weekend with some of the cast including Doctor Cullen himself?

Take a look at the Eternal Twilight 4 website here! I've been to the last three Eternal Twilight events and had a blast at all of them. You meet the cast, make new friends who all share an interest in Twilight… Continue

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On a high

Well i think i am finally coming down of a high i have been on since beginning of march!

It all goes back to last November when i applied to attend the World Scout Jamboree 2011 in Sweden as and IST member. That was nerve racking enough as i had to be online at a certain time and fill the application in there and then and send it straight away to be with in a chance of even being picked to go selection and to think all the other girl guides (girl scouts) and boy scouts who wanted to go… Continue

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why did mann hiden a girl? ......do they injoy it ? ...

i downt wandt you to fell sorry ...im just trye to understand.

now i glad im have to move from here, just to get away from it all.

it all startet like a nice day undtil dinnertime i was just finch whit the food. he come out sit down and just eat. he newer say a word. but then he just get up look at me whit wild eays ......befor i now it i was one the floor. im just feel the pain running to my body.but i did have time to think… Continue

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Warts. The Worry Species.

sometimes i feel like a FREAK.

like... i get so paranoid. and i'm not so sure as to why.

i think it might be simply because i have lost so many friends... i cant help but to be paranoid. to be paranoid that when i have a friend so good, it'll end.

in retrospect... i do what this saying says i shouldnt:

"if you spend ur whole life waiting for the storm, you'll never enjoy the sunshine."

i guess i always wait for the storm. i always…


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