My little girl will be turning six years old in just a few short months. How can this be? It was only yesterday I rocked her in the old chair on the porch as the quiet snows fell. The  blink of an eye since her first steps to Billy, a breath since her first word. (Woof meaning wolf for her beloved brother Embry.) She took off like a flash and is now a confident, strong, brave little girl.


She is the mini female version of her Daddy. She has no fear and almost as much sense, leaping into adventures, not thinking of the outcome. Mud puddles are never deep enough, rain is never wet enough, and her energy comes from some unknown source, that, if I could bottle it, would pay for her college. She yells and runs and plays as hard as any boy.


But then…then there are the times she watches me as I cook, or clean or dress up for date night with Billy, and she seems enthralled. I’ll bring her close and spend those precious moments with her, answering her questions as best I can, sharing with her what I know.  Time’s up and she is out and running again.


She is too young to bear the weight of today’s world on her shoulders. She has a long way to go before society tries to put her in a mold. I want her to do everything she wants to do without labels and limits, so that when the time comes she will know she can! I want her to set her own boundaries, define what she will be. If she wants to play goalie while wearing her princess dress, run in the snow barefoot with a storm trooper helmet on or climb a tree to share her apple pie with a raccoon, I’m in for it.


Aerie was my gift, my unexpected. And I want her to be her own exceptional self in every way. She is a kaleidoscope, fracturing out the colors of Billy and me, reshaping them, mixing them, sharing them. It is exciting to see her think and grow each and every day and in multiple ways.

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