My human memories seem to be disappearing the longer I am what I am.  Most of the memories that still remain are those of my brother, Alec, and myself.  Most other things that occurred in my human life are a blur.  I blame most of it because I don't often think about anything else besides the betrayal of my mother and father against Alec and I.  Therefore, the only memories I hold dear are those that showed Alec's and my happier times and my contempt I hold against my deceased parents.  


I saw this painting as I was browsing store fronts in the shopping district in Volterra.  I captivated my still heart.  I stared at this painting in the window for a while.  It was beautiful.  So full of vibrant color!  And the Victorian style house with the quaint white front porch looks like a heavenly place I once would have loved to sit and enjoy tea while listening to the birds chirping.  Far away from crowds of people.  Somewhere in the country.  Somewhere where it would only be Alec and I.  Far away from responsibilities.  Somewhere where Alec and I could try and live an undisturbed, peaceful life.  Sure, we would still have to feed on victims, but it would be easy if a thriving city was somewhere nearby.  But just the thought of Alec and I simply living our immortal lives together without a care in the world appeals to me.  


Don't get me wrong.  I love my Volturi family!  But sometimes, the enormity of the castle and the higher authority figures can get a little overwhelming when there are so many duties that Alec and I must tend to.  It would be nice to have our own place we could be far away from everyone.  I'm sure Alec would appreciate the idea.  We could have our own secret place to run to when everything gets too overwhelming in Volterra.  


A place just as seen in this painting.  I think I may purchase this painting soon.  Time will tell.  If it's gone, I will demand a new one be painted for me by some talented human.

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