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Continuing Education

Grabbing my bags off the conveyor belt at the airport and heading to the hotel shuttle. I greet the lady driver and toss my bags on to the shelf and take a seat. I send a text message to Tia to let her know that I arrived in Los Angeles just fine. A few more passengers hop on to the shuttle and we pull away and head toward the hotel.

As I am checking in I ask the desk clerk to send up some extra towels and verify that there is a refrigerator. She assures me that I have a suite…


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I am Horus, the great Falcon upon the ramparts of the house of him of the hidden name. My flight has reached the horizon. I have passed by the gods of Nut. I have gone further than the gods of old. Even the most ancient bird could not equal my very…


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Running through the desert as fast as I could trying to stay behind the lines of the Egyptian troops. Looking for victims of the war not dead ones... but ones that lay dying or might look like they died from their wounds. It was something that I learned while I was away from Amun for a time. It was easier before the computer age. A long time a go paperwork could easily have been misplaced or was inaccurate.

They were…


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Camping with the Egyptians

After deciding to purchase that exquisite vehicle, I picked up Tia and we decided to camp across the US.

We wanted to look like normal people out camping so we stopped at the local camping store. There we got some great camping tips:

Pack light and pack smart

Make a list of items you will need and cross about 50% of it off your…


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Egyptians Camping Trip across the US

This year we decided to do something completely different and spontaneous.

I had just gone on a hunt and was walking by a dealership and saw the most incredible vehicle staring at me from the car lot. Yes, I did say staring at me. I felt like it was calling my name. It was saying Benjamin.. You know you want to take me home. You know you can't live without me. I turned and looked around to see if maybe someone was actually calling my name. Nope, not a soul. I walk over to the…


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Journal Entry: December 5, 1809

My Dearest Tia,

I miss you there is not a day that goes by that I am not thinking of you. The memory of your smile is what keeps me going day after day. The memories of our laughing and running through the streets of Cairo.

As I have told you in previous entries... Amun is trying to teach me or rather mentor me. For what I am not sure, He will only tell me bits and pieces and even then they do not make sense.

Amun will not let me out of…


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No one is above or below the law



Thinking on the up coming elections and all that transpired this last year here in Egypt. So many changes and so many things have remained the…


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Welcome Home Mother!

Sitting at Amun's desk going over their accounts and paying bills as instructed by Amun before they left. Wishing every moment I was in their home they would come walking in and be home.

I hear a door open and close just thinking that it was the housekeeper I continue my work. Trying hard not to give in to the…


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An act of kindness

While sitting at my desk this morning I came across a photo in a newspaper article from last year. I glance at the date. It was dated January 7th, 2011.  The article is about an act of kindness that happened approximately 18 days before the Egyptian protests that ousted Mr. Mubarak.…


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Bright Days in Egypt

I am often asked how an Egyptian vampire survives without a trace in the Egyptian sun.

There are many ways to do this in Egypt.

One of the oldest ways would be to dress as a Bedouin would. The term 'Bedu'in' in Arabic refers to one who lives out in the open in the desert. The Arabic word 'Badawiyin' is a generic name for a desert dweller and the English word 'Bedouin' is derived from this.

The most recognized person would be Peter…


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Journal entry: 2/20/2011

It was January 25, 2011, just an ordinary day in Egypt and Cairo is a maze of people.  Not that it isn't normally a hive of activity but the feeling is different   Something momentous is going on and I am curious to find out, I follow the mob of people towards Tahrir Square.



Tahrir Square means Liberation Square.  It is a major public…

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Journal entry: 10/31/11 - The First Time I Saw Dracula

Looking back over the years that I have traveled around the world and back home to my beloved Cairo.  I remember vividly of a time we had traveled through the United States for a short time and had stopped in this little town in the center of Texas.  There was really nothing special about this town but it was quiet and everyone seemed to know everyone.  We were intrigued at the similarity of people from this town and the people we knew growing up in Egypt, so many years ago.…

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My first Eid al-Adha

I was remembering today of an old conversation shortly after Tia's transformation and we rejoined our family it was time for Eid al-Adha, the festival of Sacrifice.  …


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The search for a birthday gift.


 Wandering through the streets of Paris thinking about what to get Tia for her birthday.   I know she loves to read.  I see a bookstore and walk in.  …


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I arrive home


Walking up the steps to our home in Egypt.  Will she still be there waiting? Will she still want me? 

If she has left me then I deserve it for being gone so long.

As I open the door... I call out to the house, “Tia? My lovely Tia... Are you home? It is your Benji come …


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Butterflies of Spring


I wander through the house looking for Tia.  I realize she must be over visiting with Kebi.  Since Amun disappeared Kebi has not been her self.  Tia and I are really worried about her.


Looking down at the couch in the living room… I notice Tia has placed an afghan there.  It is an afghan that I made many years ago out of frustration with Amun.  I was a fledgling then.  I was learning to control my “abilities” and how to be a vampire.  Amun was being very…


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Rosalie Hale


At first glance you see the well groomed beauty before you. You think that she is self centered and extremely self confident. If you take a moment and look a little deeper you see a woman that was hurt by persons or things of her past. These things have molded her fiery personality.


Her regrets and choices have created a fierce companion for Emmett. Who…


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The One Who Is Powerful


I am certainly not powerful by any means.  Have I been blessed yes, I would say that I have been.  Sekhmet has blessed me beyond my dreams.


My uncle raised me to be a street performer in Cairo, Egypt.   He was a superstitious man and would pray or make offerings to the old gods.  My favorite of the gods was Sekhmet.  Her name means the one who is powerful. 


My uncle would show me how to do some magic tricks…


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Kebi’s Letter


I come back to the hotel to catch up on some work and take Tia & Kebi out for an evening of fun.  I notice that Tia is not in the hotel room.   She must be at the spa.  I walk over to the desk and notice a note on the laptop.


It is in Kebi’s handwriting.  I start to read. Kebi says she can no longer just sit idly by waiting for Amun to come home.  She has asked that we do not go and look for her and to take care of each other.


After reading the…


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The Road Not Taken


Reflecting on the years that have passed since my transformation I am reminded of regrets this evening.  Why do my thoughts travel this way? I opened up one of my favorite books of poetry.   The collection of poems is Mountain Interval by Robert Frost.


In my favorite poem “The Road Not Taken”, he writes of two roads both well worn through the years and not recently travelled on.  He ponders which road he will choose.  He makes his choice and in his later years…


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