I was remembering today of an old conversation shortly after Tia's transformation and we rejoined our family it was time for Eid al-Adha, the festival of Sacrifice.  

I had decided to confront Amun and tell him that I thought we should act more like humans, celebrate holidays and be like a real family.   Amun did not agree he believed that we are superior to humans, God-like and we should be treated as such.  This went on and on, year after year.  

Until one day I was searching the streets for a drink and saw a family celebrating Eid al-Adha.  Curious I followed them.  
They were a Muslim family dressed in their finest clothing.  A tradition on Eid al-Adha.  They had returned from their Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca).  Which is important to their faith.  The father excused himself and left to make arrangements for the sacrifice of the lamb that they had brought with them.

I stood far away covered in my usual jelabiya and turban so you could only see my eyes. Remembering moments of my life growing up with our Uncle Asim.  It was a hard life and we always had something to eat but nothing exotic or extravagant.  Mostly it would be beer/ale,  bread and some type of vegetable or fruit... whatever was available.  Every once in awhile we would have lamb but we didn't have any sheep.  I always wondered where it came from.
Tuning back into the family, I listening to the mother speak to her children reminding them of what the meaning of the holiday is.  

She started by saying: This was Allah's command to Ibraheem in a dream.  You must take the life of your first born son, Ishmael.  Ibraheem thought it was just a dream and went about his business but the dream continued until Ibraheem finally accepted that this is what Allah wanted of him.  Ibraheem went to Ishmael who was 13 years old and explained to him what Allah wanted his father to do.  It was Ishmael's choice and it had to be agreed to by both parties.  Ishmael agreed to willingly give himself as a sacrifice to fulfill Ibraheem's instructions for Allah.  Just before Ibraheem was to put the knife to his only son, they heard a rustle in the bushes near where they were.  Ibraheem put down his knife and went to look.  In the bushes he found a ram believing that it was a sign from Allah saying that both Ibraheem and Ishmael's faiths were tested and found to be sincere.

The mother continued by saying that this is why father is taking the lamb to sacrifice.  1/3 of it will come home with us, 1/3 will be given to our relatives and 1/3 will be given to the poor.  
I stood their in awe of the story of Ibraheem, Ishmael and the sacrifice of the lamb by this family.  What an amazing story of love and commitment to one's God and one's family and community.
I quickly head back home to relay the story to Tia.  Tia being the lover of animals that she is was appalled at this treatment.  To her this is the ultimate horror story.

After finally calming her down enough, we bring this subject to Amun and Kebi.  Amun's response was what I expected.  "That is extremely barbaric," he said.  In my younger days we..... 

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