Wandering through the streets of Paris thinking about what to get Tia for her birthday.   I know she loves to read.  I see a bookstore and walk in.  

Walking through the bookstore and perusing the shelves and titles.  I notice that there are not many people in the store this grey afternoon.   

Realizing that the smell of the humans isn't deterring my quest. 

Searching and searching, glancing at all the titles taking my time and thinking about the books that Tia already has and has read numerous times. 

A few titles catch my eye... 


Reading the back cover of one:  

"In the summer of 2002, fifty-five-year-old John Corapi, a Catholic priest with a colorful background, visited Dr. Chae Hyun Moon, a celebrated  

cardiologist in Redding, California." 


Deciding this one would be best suited for Dr. Cullen and thinking he probably read this one.  As I go on to the next:  

"Prim and proper Juliet Rose Astor Lowell doesn't want her body guarded byanyone while she's in New Orleans for the grand opening of Daddy's new hotel" 


Definitely not! Chooses the next one:  

"In my hotel room in Seattle, WA I turn to the Gold Book and pick up the telephone to callJune.  Who is June?  She is just a stranger I met on the Hockey Puck Bridge.  We met when I handed her a tissue from my pocket to dry her tears.  She said she was a bartender at the Annoying Turtle.  I am afraid to say that after our conversation I was hooked." 


That one was not very interesting.  Picks up the last one:  

"...spun stories sexy enough to keep readers up all night. Here are thirty more, all packed with heady eroticism-and guaranteed to turn up the heat..." 

I will get this one for later...   


Well this visit to the store wasn't a complete waste... goes up to the sales clerk and asks them to wrap up the book.  I pay for the book and head back to Simplicite. 


I think I will go with Peter's suggestion of the Island for Tia.

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