After deciding to purchase that exquisite vehicle, I picked up Tia and we decided to camp across the US.

We wanted to look like normal people out camping so we stopped at the local camping store. There we got some great camping tips:

Pack light and pack smart

Make a list of items you will need and cross about 50% of it off your list.

Also, if you are going to pack a toiletry kit and it is on the bottom... and you need it in hurry. Well just keep that in mind when you are packing.



Plastic bags to separate trash, dirty or wet clothing, etc.

Sleeping pad will make the ground much nicer

Bug spray those pesky bugs don't know when to stop.


A tent is not really going to deter someone who really wants to get at your stuff. Smart thing to do is remember your pack light and always have a small bag of some sort to wear when sightseeing and away from the campsite.

Pitch your tent

If you have time to practice pitching your tent, do it. You will learn to the quickest way to assemble and disassemble your tent. Also, a great way to keep a record of all the pieces that may go missing from campsite to campsite.

Please note: when you do choose your site try not to choose a hill or hollow just in case it rains. However, if you do have to camp on a slope then keep your head above your toes when sleeping. One because you will sleep better and two you will not wake up with a gnarly headache.

Dry your tent before putting it away.

Unless you are OK with a musty smelling tent or not allergic to mildew/mold go for it or unless you absolutely have to. If you have a cloth tent and you have to pack it make sure when you get home to unpack it and pitch it and let the sun dry it out as soon as you can.

Keep it clean

Basically, remember to leave the outdoors cleaner then when you arrived. Pick up any litter or trash around you. This is important because you do not want any unwanted creatures or animals visiting in your campsite. You also do not wish to harm any animals or creatures by leaving things behind that may harm them.

I look to Tia and we both agree that we may not be able to do the testing of the tent prior to our adventure but we make a pact to abide by these simple things.

Our next stop is the clothing store because we did not anticipate hiking and sightseeing or camping we picked up a few items. Not knowing how long we would be on this adventure but knowing we could head home any time we wanted. We also stopped and picked up a map of the US and a marker. With the GPS system installed on the vehicle. We open up the map and circle our first stop. Put in the coordinates in the GPS and set out.

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