It was January 25, 2011, just an ordinary day in Egypt and Cairo is a maze of people.  Not that it isn't normally a hive of activity but the feeling is different   Something momentous is going on and I am curious to find out, I follow the mob of people towards Tahrir Square.



Tahrir Square means Liberation Square.  It is a major public square here in downtown Cairo.
The square has been a traditional site for protests since its creation in the 19th century.  Most notably: The 1977 Egyptian Bread Riots and more recently in 2003 to protest the war in Iraq.
What I saw when I got there was a sight I will never forget.  An ocean of people starting to gather to fight for their friends and family who have been beaten, raped, and murdered by government hired thugs.  I have heard that some have been able to pay off the thugs to leave you alone... Unfortunately, they come back and ask for more money or to fulfill their original duty.
Within this sea of people, with more and more pouring in each day, I saw hope for a new government, hope for a better life for themselves and their children and future generations.  
We were there for eighteen days demanding change.  On the 18th day of the protest Hosni Mubarak stepped down after 30 years being president of Egypt.  Watching the changes in the composure of the people when the news came out about his stepping down.  The wave of excitement was infectious.
What will Omar Suleiman the temporary president do for us? What type of government will continue? Our hope is a democratic government.  One where the Egyptian people choose unafraid to vote for who, they in their hearts believe are the qualified candidate.  
What is my hope for my countrymen and women? Their freedom to hold their head up high, education for those that would like an education, health care for those that seek medical care, respect and dignity for each person and the opportunity to reach their dreams.
We Egyptians have a long and amazing history and my hope is that our future creates an amazing tapestry for the future.



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Comment by Stephanie Olsen on November 20, 2011 at 9:18pm

That is an amazing story and great pictures of Tahrir Square. I hope your dreams do come true.


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