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New Moon- Partial Draft (Edward POV)

Typical. I could hear Alice's thoughts beaming from the other room and I groaned. "You know this won't go well." Bella didn't want a party. She had been very insistent on us not acknowledging her birthday at all. Of course, all of us would have to compromise. All but Alice it seemed.  

"She'll love it." This wasn't exactly true either. Alice knew Bella would only halfheartedly enjoy the gathering, despite how much she always appreciated everything done for her. Alice had seen this in…


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Cold Nights- Bella POV

I softly kicked my feet at the quilt wrapped around me. It's presence was at minimum, unsatisfactory. . The quilt was a compromise and although it was necessary for both my health and comfort I disliked it. No matter how close I was allowed, that was possible, I was not the slightest bit appeased. I pressed my head to the cold stone chest that was undoubtedly Edward Cullen, his smooth fingertips moved up my back to entangle in my hair. I…


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 I don't know what I had expected to come from this. What it was I wanted for this life I was forced to endure. The hopeless demeanor I had spiraled into had left no room for pointless thought or dreams. It had seemed that, I was hibernating. Simple getting through each day blankly, my mind as absent as my body would allow it to become. I often feel myself slipping back into this mind set in which I had once lived, my mind wondering back into it's hibernating state.

 Fear has found…


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"Edward." At the sound a nostalgic pulse rushed through me. I was use to being able to hearing her thoughts now. My hearing was still selective, she only granted me what she wanted to. Frustrating as it was I had decided it would have to be enough. Having something I once longed for would always bring me excitement, surges of adrenalin that rushed over me, regardless the amount of time that it had been available to me. I was unsure if this was a character trait or an undead one, if being…


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“No anguish I have had to bear on your account has been too heavy a price to pay for the new life into which I have entered in loving you.”

      -George Eliot                                                                                               …


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Hatred for Carlisle had burned inside of me. The memory of that alone pained me, guilt consuming my chest. The reconciliations of the beginning were full of shame. How I could of felt anything but gratitude towards him, disobeyed him so blatantly, was now…


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I had never found pleasure in the tedious routine of false , human life. I had thought, though in many ways I am glad I was incorrect, that I would have a much more protracted postponement from it all. With all the obsticals we had all been faced with I had more than expected a long, secluded break. But some how here I find myself. With a sigh I opened my…


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Unattached - Bella POV

I sat in front of my window. I did this a lot over the past few months. I had watched the grass grow than die, and cover in snow. Measuring this time seemed impossible. It felt like years and only minutes all at the same time. I wasn't sure which of the two I preferred. On one hand it had been long enough where I should be getting over it. I wasn't of course, but knowing I should be gave me an odd…


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The pain that seared through every measure of my being was beyond anything I had ever thought possible. If I were capable of coherent thought, I would have questioned how I was still alive. I had wished I wasn't. Like tree roots, my insides twisted around each other so that they may never untangle, a permanent consequence of my actions. Each tree root a different emotion, the…


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Cold nights

She kicked the thick quilt, her eyebrows pinched together in frustration. She was as unfond of our compromise as I was. It was, however, necessary. I doubted I would ever become use to the unyielding magnetism her small frame had against me. I had always assumed that, with time, it was something that would diminish . Slowly loosening it's grip on me so that eventually I would be…


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You would think that, by now, I would be use to this. The fire in my throat egnited, sending the monster into a frenzy. She crushed herself close to me knowing that I would resrain her despite myself. Gently, I pulled my face away from hers. She was always entirely too willing to push her luck. But then again, I couldn't call anything that has happened in the past year luck. My…


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