She kicked the thick quilt, her eyebrows pinched together in frustration. She was as unfond of our compromise as I was. It was, however, necessary. I doubted I would ever become use to the unyielding magnetism her small frame had against me. I had always assumed that, with time, it was something that would diminish . Slowly loosening it's grip on me so that eventually I would be able to endure it painlessly. It appeared that, once again, I would be proven wrong. Absently, I let my fingertips glide along the arches in her back, gently entangling them into her hair. She pressed her head to me, gripping the back of my shirt between her narrow fingers as she pulled herself in closer to me, the heat burning in the percise impression of her form. “Sleep.” Although only a murmur the sound pierced the darkness, interupting the rythem of her heart. The disturbance annoyed me. The pace in which it thumped increased, as if it shared the dis-contentedness with me.

Automatically and with out my consent my muscles contracted, so use to forced restraint they had learned to react with out me having to tell them. This was something I had not noticed before. “I'm not tired.” Her voice was strong and sure as she spoke, shaking her head, long strands of dark hair falling into her face. Often when she spoke it sounded as if she were attempting to convince herself rather than others. Her fingers crushed into my back, an attempt on binding herself to me. I smiled, knowing it would be invisible to her in the darkness and stifled a chuckle. Always so determined. I pressed my lips to her forehead, the warmth spreading across my mouth. A new warmth ignited in my throat. This one, I ignored. Gently I pulled away, moving my fingers back down her back, my fingers gliding along her spine as if it were covered in invisible keys and began to hum. This, she did not attempt to fight.

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Comment by Carlisle Cullen MD on April 20, 2015 at 6:59am

I love the poetic flow of this piece. Very descriptive and textured. Well written. It makes the reader eager for more.


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