I had never found pleasure in the tedious routine of false , human life. I had thought, though in many ways I am glad I was incorrect, that I would have a much more protracted postponement from it all. With all the obsticals we had all been faced with I had more than expected a long, secluded break. But some how here I find myself. With a sigh I opened my eyes. The dull , grey luminous of the outdoors swallowing both the car and myself.

After the trials I had faced, the oppressions I had endured, it seemed trivial. Yet here I found myself, occupying yet another arid High school parking lot. The annoyance was heavy on my chest. Somehow, despite the period of time I had spent away from this life, though to a human would be considerably long, seemed to have never even existed. Years of inpatients and wasted time once again burdened me. The never ending, repetitive thoughts of human teenagers flooded my mind once more.

She touched my arm, her fingertips that once scorched my skin, now cool indented themselves in the place they abide. They held their own now. Her eyes were soft much unlike her features. They held her anxieties, reveling to me what I was very frustratingly unable to hear. It was odd, once the reason the routine was beneficial, she was not apart of the charade.

Suddenly and all at once, the scenario in front of me shifted. This would not be the same tedious charade it once was. Suddenly, I understood the excitement the others had gone through once finding each other. How each and every task, regardless of how ordinary, was suddenly exciting. Instantly, this was new.

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Comment by Carlisle Cullen MD on April 27, 2015 at 5:49am

Written with a lot of feeling. You captured it well. Not easy to do. 


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