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Who am I? Embry Call

I had been away from La Push for a while now, when I decided to search for a college that could take me in a few classes. By then, I had found people who were looking for a roommate so they let me live with them. Mark and Caroline were nice. They didn’t ask me too much questions about me, and never would push too much when I didn’t want to answer one of their questions.

I wanted to try to explore some new areas, so after talking with Mark and Caroline about different classes, I…


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Who am I? Part 3

Still under the shock of the news, she asked me to sit with her so she could tell me about him. She told me about his kindness towards her, and how every moment spent with us seemed to have him worried. He only got to hold me twice. The first time being in the woods after my birth, and the other, that dreadful night just before he left. She also explained to me his concern about how the tribal council would react if they found out who was my father, knowing all the men at that time were… Continue

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Who am I? Part 2

I had been running for a few hours now, still nothing could take away the frustration I was feeling. No matter how much I howled, dug dirt vigrorously with my paws or ran, nothing could get me to let enough anger out of me to phase back to my human self. Even if I did, I just couldn’t face the thought of what happened in my mind. I also happenned to have no other clothes to put on either. For now I was the only one of my pack phased, so it wasn’t too bad. No one could hear the thoughts… Continue

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Who am I? Part 1

I know who I am now, but it wasn’t always this way. For 20 years, I have felt like a part of me was missing. I don’t know much about my mother’s past and up to recently, I didn’t know anything about my father.

Some part of me always hated the fact that mom never answered my questions by changing the subject. We had our fair share of heated arguments because of this. The only way I could feel like a part of this was there, is when I was with my best friends Quil and Jake. We could do… Continue

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Dear Mother

In the past few months away, I spent lots of time thinking of the circumstances of my departure. The fights with you over not telling me anything about dad and that day I found the picture in the basement. I still feel bad about what happened , but have forgiven myself since.…


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