Still under the shock of the news, she asked me to sit with her so she could tell me about him. She told me about his kindness towards her, and how every moment spent with us seemed to have him worried. He only got to hold me twice. The first time being in the woods after my birth, and the other, that dreadful night just before he left. She also explained to me his concern about how the tribal council would react if they found out who was my father, knowing all the men at that time were married. They would have known it was also someone who carried the wolf gene in them. He didn’t take his decision to leave lightly, knowing how much pain it put both his families in. She also showed me the very few pictures she has of that time.

After so many revelations at once, I felt overwhelmed. So many questions answered at once with this one big revelation. Fearing another outburst, I left and headed to my spot in the woods, knowing I wouldn’t be endangering anyone if it happened there. I did talk to Jake that night. I didn’t want to tell him just yet what I knew, so he left me alone. How will Sam take the fact that we are brothers? How will my pack brothers will react when they find out? How will my two best friends take it? I was afraid of their reaction, as well as the ones from the rest of the tribe’s council when they find out.

I knew I’d have to go face the truth sometime soon, so I headed back towards La Push, thinking the waves of the beach could calm the inner feelings down some more. While walking on the beach, I came across the one person I was afraid most to tell the news to, Sam. How will he take this? Will our relationship change for the better or for the worst? He came to me, knowing the look on my face was not a good one asking what was up. I knew I couldn’t avoid this conversation for too long, so I hesitantly told him the undeniable truth: we are brothers. To my surprise, he was shocked yes, but took it relatively well. He like me was happy to finally understand that connection between us after I phased. With his mother that moved off the reservation, he was happy to find out he had another relative here. I was relieved to see that he took it well, yet I couldn’t help but still feel upset about mom hiding something this big from me for so long.

I knew now that words would travel through La Push fast, so I headed back home. I needed time to digest the whole thing. Finding out who my father is, and learning as well that I have a brother, those aren’t things you can easily take in after so long. I needed some time to think and it wasn’t by staying here that I would find the answers to the question emerging in my head. I had to leave for a bit, as much as I knew it would hurt mom to do so. After some reflection, I thought it may be best for me to take some time away and put everything back in perspective. I didn’t know what I would do at the time, but I knew I needed some time to think things through.

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