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Letter from Joshua to his Sons

Dear sons,

I'm sorry I'm not here today as planned to meet you but with all we've discussed last night, I feel like I need some more time to process all I found out. I was very happy to see that even with all I put you both through, you have grown into two…


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Taking for granted?

We tend to take for granted the presence of the people we love around us. A good example: when we are kids, we don’t hesitate to tell our parents how much we love them. The older we get, the less we tend to tell them how much we care about them, especially in our teenage years. If someone gets bullied or harassed by his or her peers as a kid, that person may tend to close on themselves more. When I got my friend’s call about her father heading to the ER and being hospitalised, remembering…


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Christmas still Christmas?

Christmas time is once again on our doorstep and once again, as crazy driven as ever. People rushing to the stores to get gifts for everyone they care about. Never really having had a lot of money in the family, it helped me stay more in touch with the traditional side of Christmas. Being surrounded by family and friends, in my case as well, with mom being from another tribe, it gave me insight into two different tribe's traditions on this time of year. Every year, mom and I decorate the…


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Cliff Jumping

One of my favorite summer activities around the reservation would be without a doubt going cliff jumping with my brothers. I know our moms always cringe at the sound of us mentioning going there but there’s nothing we can do about it. Before all the changes in my life, we used to jump only from the smaller cliff, and never by ourselves but since then, that cliff isn’t much of a challenge anymore. I remember when Jared, Paul and Sam took me to the high cliff four years ago after I joined…


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All for one, one for all

All for one, and one for all… a quote from a famous book and movies that stick with me everywhere I go since my transformation. The musketeers back in royalty days were the king’s own personal guard and protected him and the royal family with their lives. In a way, we do the same thing here on the reservation. Ever since our transformation, our lives have been mostly for one thing: protecting our friends, family and other residents of our lands. It can keep our days quite busy at times,…


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So crazy busy!

These past weeks have been quite stressful. It’s the first time I ever have to juggle between friends needing support, work at the store, being here for a brother in need and patrols in the woods. Having a friend losing someone they care about deeply isn’t easy. I always promised Caroline and Mark I’d be there if they needed me for anything and that’s what I did. When they called me to tell me their grand father passed away, I knew that Caroline would need both me and Mark around. She was…


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Dear Grand Parents

Dear Grand parents,

I know we haven’t gotten many occasions to get to know each other while you were alive but I felt like telling you all how everything’s going for me now. I know you and mom didn’t always see eye to eye but the traditions of the Makah are as important to me in my mind as the Quileute traditions are.

It wasn’t easy growing up without knowing much about my family. I’m glad however that today I know the truth, and have been blessed by having not only learned who…


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Thanks Giving

We always tend to take for granted the things the little things in life that we constantly have around. There’s a lot to be thankful for in life but none of us really ever take the time to appreciate it fully until it’s too late. Our friends, our family, even the simple things like being alive and healthy among our loved ones.

Growing up without a father around has never truly been easy and I used to resent life a bit because of this, asking myself why it happened to me. What happened…


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Past meets Present?

Some traditions from the past I read about talk about how on Halloween night the veil between the world of the dead and our world is at it’s thinnest of the year.Those traditions say that on all hollow’s eve (the traditional name for Halloween in that religion), one should…


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Surrounded by Nature

I’ve always loved hanging around in the woods ever since I was small, but with my life changing completely five years ago, I took on a whole new view on the forest surrounding us. I started to see and hear things in a way I never would have imagined. Listening to the sounds of the insects and animals all around is an experience in itself.

I like also that all this… Continue

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What a dream!

I don’t remember having ever had a stranger dream than the one I had recently… I’m not even sure I understand it myself. Mark was playing around the apartment with his hockey puck that his dad gave him when he was a kid when he started telling me about some random memory of the turtle his sister had when she was a kid… I don’t want to know what tricks he pulled on his annoying sister and her pet. Next thing I know, Caroline appears out of nowhere telling me she got a job at the local club as a… Continue

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Accepting and Embracing

I never thought that one day I’d end up really liking being what I am. When I first phased, I was in shock… not only because of what I became but also because no one thought I could ever become a shape shifter among the tribe, not even me. It took me a while before accepting who I am and really start enjoying it to the fullest. The acceptance became real when I found out about my father. The time I spent away from the reservation after that made me realise how much it’s become a part of me now… Continue

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Family Love

Before I found out about Sam being my brother, I never imagined one day having a family other than my mom. When I found out about Sam and me over a year ago now, it took me by surprise even if the speculations going through my pack brothers (and sister) minds were running as to who was my father between Quil’s, Jake’s or Sam’s dad. I knew Sam was now married to Emily and I was happy for them when they had her daughter Ayasha on Dec. 2nd in 2009. I wished to find the one person who would be… Continue

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Should I have told?

When I think back on how my life changed since I’ve started shape-shifting, I can’t help but wonder a few things. Up until a year ago, everything was much harder than it is today. Mom didn’t know about me so I had to balance everything right on top of having to find ways and numerous excuses for me to randomly disappear or be out late. Needless to say she never liked that, especially while I was in school. It’s a wonder how I’ve been able to pull off graduating with success with all those… Continue

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Spring Awakening

Spring has always been one of my favorite seasons. When I was a kid, I just saw it as the time of year where all snow melted and air all around got warmer. We could start storing away all heavy winter clothing and wear lighter clothes the closer we got to summer. The part I preferred however was that we would soon start to be able to go play in the water on the beach and not only climbing trees or play in the woods. My perspective on it changed and got clearer when I started phasing. As my… Continue

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Getting drunk... Without Alcohol?

« Il est l’heure de s’enivrer! Pour n’être pas les esclaves martyrisés du temps, enivrez-vous sans cesse! De vin, de poésie ou de vertu, à votre guise. »

I was sitting in my French class in college 10 months ago when something in me clicked when our teacher translated us that poem from Baudelaire, a French poet. How can someone write in a poem to get and stay drunk as he did? At first it didn’t make sense to me. As always translations always lose some of the meaning so I… Continue

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Me dancing? You're kidding right?

I’ve known Mark and Caroline for months now and it was a weekend of July when they decided to take me out one night. As much as going into a club didn’t really please me, I know I didn’t have a chance to hang with them lately. As true to herself as Caroline was, she told me to get to their place early so she could yet again try to get me to dance better. It was enough that her and Mark managed to drag me out to go see Step up 3D with them, now she was turning on the soundtrack and got back to… Continue

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Just a dream...

I still remember the day my girlfriend accepted for us to get married. It took me all I had to gather the courage to announce it to mom, my brothers and the people I care about. We’ve been together for four and a half years now and time just seems to fly by so fast. I still remember the day we met. I was handling the store and taking some classes online when this girl I met in college a long time ago came in asking for some suggestions of things she could give to her brother. We talked for some… Continue

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What if I found her?

I remember back in March when I was living in Port Angeles, Mark and I used to talk for hours at a time. We spent lots of time getting to know each other. One day, he was in one of his thoughtful moods. When he’s that way, he tends to ask deep thought questions. We were sitting in the living room that night talking about girls when he asked me “have you ever wondered how the right kind of girl would be for you?”

I have to admit, he caught me off guard on that one… It’s a subject I… Continue

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When Fiction Meets Reality

I was out on patrol after visiting Mark and Caroline one day, thinking over what we did that night. Mark insisted on us watching Star Wars: Return of the Jedi together. He said the three of us haven’t watched a movie in a long time. I could just laugh at his choice of movies, but after we settled down, and he started to really get in the movie, things got interesting. What I have to add is that Mark may be in his own way a Star Wars fan, he knows his stuff, but he has this way… Continue

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