We tend to take for granted the presence of the people we love around us. A good example: when we are kids, we don’t hesitate to tell our parents how much we love them. The older we get, the less we tend to tell them how much we care about them, especially in our teenage years. If someone gets bullied or harassed by his or her peers as a kid, that person may tend to close on themselves more. When I got my friend’s call about her father heading to the ER and being hospitalised, remembering her telling me how much she had to endure when she was young and knowing how much she cares about her family, I knew I just had to go keep her company with Mark.


This also made me think of how I interact with the people I care about. Have I told my mom enough that I care about her, how much I appreciate the moments we have together? All the sacrifices she did when I was young and she is starting to now get back. I’m happy that she finally gets to do what she wanted to do but still wonder at times how would it have all gone by were we to have had either my father or grand parents around to help. We’ve only been having each other in life as family.  


Helping Caroline dealing with her father being in the hospital has opened my eyes more about how much we take things for granted. She may not have had the money to go and visit her family back east but she did show support in her own way by calling him everyday, knowing that things will be alright. When she got the news yesterday that he may be going back home today, she was beyond ecstatic. He’s not quite back to full health yet but knows now he will be. This also got me to think about trying to spend more time with mom, perhaps working on convincing her to slow down the amount of work she’s doing now before something bad happens to her. The first thing I will tell her tonight when I see her will be words I haven’t said in a good while to her.

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Comment by Tiffany Call-Black on July 28, 2013 at 4:05pm

This always makes me smile, and shows me what a wonderful young man you have become. I love you and I am proud of you every day!

Comment by Blair Mell on February 28, 2013 at 8:22am


Like John said we do forget now that I think about it has been a while since I told my parents I love them.



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