I’ll tell y’all a bit more about the time when my whole life changed forever. It all happened four years ago, around the time where things started to get a little crazy in our quiet side of the mountains. At that time I usually spent most of my days if not at school with my friends, hanging around the reservation with my best friends Quil and Jacob. Jake, Quil and I were always spending most, if not all of our time out of school together.

Someday, things started to change. I was never one to appear like I would be tall grown up. I started just growing up. To my knowledge, no one in my family was tall, so I started wondering why I started growing up so much. There were these three guys, Sam, Jared and Paul, that kept watching us when we played, but with a funny look on their face, as if they were waiting for something to happen. I didn’t like that at all… that, and the impression they gave us that they were above everything else, acting too good to be true, was getting on my nerves.

Gradually, more and more things started to annoy me and my patience was wearing thinner than usual. I came home from school one night, and was just in a bad mood… the one question in my mind remained the same, but a new one had come up: “Who is my father, and why am I feeling like something is wrong with me?” I did the one thing that came through my mind at that point. I just blurted out again asking why mom was keeping dad’s identity from me. I just kept on arguing with her, but the more we went on, the more like I felt massive anger build up inside me. I wanted to hit something real hard but since I didn’t want to destroy anything in the house, I just took off running in the woods, hoping it would calm me down like it usually did.

I barely had time to get past the edge of the forest, when I felt it. It felt like I was about to explode, indescribable heat tearing through me ripping me into shreds. Next thing I knew, I had voices in my head invading my thoughts. I felt different, a sensation that I had become something else. Panic started coming through me, the voices started explaining everything to me. I thought I recognized them and learned that they were indeed Sam, Paul and Jared. After much discussion, they told me that I had become one of the tribe’s protectors, and with enough calming down, they got me to phase back into my human form. I was grateful that they got me some shorts to put on since my clothes got ripped into shreds. I knew I couldn’t tell anyone about this, not even mom or my best friends. It hurt me to have to avoid Jake and Quil, but knew it was for the best.

When I got home, there was one thing that seemed off to me. I could hear Sam much clearer than everyone else’s thoughts. In a way, I also felt like he absolutely had to protect me no matter what we had to face. That raised even more questions into my mind, for I felt there was indeed an unspoken bound between us. I knew that from that point on, I would have to be careful of what I think when in wolf form with my brothers because I didn’t want to bother them too much with my own personal questions.

After a while, I started really getting to know them. I realized I was wrong and I owed a lot to them for helping me keep my feelings in check. I like hanging out with them now, but it hurt a lot having to avoid Quil and Jake. Jake, he would most likely be next since all signs were starting to show. It was just going to be a matter of time until he joins us and then, I’d have one of my two best friends with me again.

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