Something happened last night that I need to talk about to get my thoughts out on. I was walking on the beach when Rebecca came to me, pissed off about Jake’s reaction when she told him she went to Stefan’s nightclub. After a lot of effort in staying calm, I managed to calm her down enough for her to go apologize to him. Not long after, Jake is the one that came out mad when Stefan called their house to see if she made it home alright. We all had a rather long discussion and at one point I offered both of them the solution that she should let us know if she goes out to meet one of them, as both Jake and I couldn’t bare seeing anything happen to her in their presence. She reluctantly accepted, to our relief, but I know she is annoyed by it.

Here’s the situation though. Vampires can be deceiving. Humans don’t realize the extent of the dangers involved in vampires. They are made to kill, and will do anything to get their prey. Also, it’s impossible to tell the difference between a human and a vampire in appearance. Granted, we can just look their eyes to know, but looks can be deceiving. A simple pair of contact lenses can make someone think that the person you have in front of you isn’t a vampire. No one will ever know until it’s too late and they’re about to get you.

There are a few of them that are mindful of human lives and chose to reject that aspect of what they are to survive on animal blood instead. Even with them there is still a threat. We never know when one may snap and cross the line. It takes just them neglecting to feed often enough for them to lose control.

Us wolves are born to protect human kind from them. The instincts are so deep rooted into us that whenever we are in front of one, we are compelled to attack. It takes lots of control for one of us to not attack on sight. When it comes to someone we care about, it makes it even stronger. This is what happened last night. When me and Jake found out that she went to a club owned by one of them without us knowing about it, also with us being so far away, our instincts kicked in. We know how tricky they can be when they have a prey in mind. Charming, kindness, friendliness to approach their target and then next thing you know, you’re having the life drained out of you. This is what crossed our minds when we found out about this.

I know she considers them as equals, but the situation between the Cullens, the Denalis and the other human killers is different. We may tolerate the “animal eaters”, and see them more often than others, but it doesn’t mean our instincts don’t kick in when we are in their presence. It takes me great control to hold my natural instincts back. Also, with Renesmee and Jake being together, we sort of have to live with the fact that the Cullens will be a part of our family in a way.

Having this many vampires living around our reservation though does concern me. I know that we have a treaty with some of them, but the human eating vampires may not always respect that treaty, since it was made with the Cullens. Knowing everyone I care about that is human is in potential danger from them makes me even more concerned about their safety. That compromise I offered to Rebecca is merely for her own safety and our knowing that we will be able to do something if something was to happen. I truly do hope nothing will, but I prefer to prevent and be safe over mourning her loss. I offered it, knowing full well there is nothing we can do to stop her seeing them if she wants. She may not be happy about it, I know, but it makes us feel a little bit more at ease with the whole situation.

I hope this helps you all realize our view on this. The instincts so deep rooted into us, that it took a lot of efforts for us to have come up with this compromise.

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