All for one, and one for all… a quote from a famous book and movies that stick with me everywhere I go since my transformation. The musketeers back in royalty days were the king’s own personal guard and protected him and the royal family with their lives. In a way, we do the same thing here on the reservation. Ever since our transformation, our lives have been mostly for one thing: protecting our friends, family and other residents of our lands. It can keep our days quite busy at times, especially when something or someone threatens our lands and well being. I for one know I can go quite a while without sleeping in times where we’re under high alert or very busy. Combining that with our usual everyday life has been quite a challenge.

I’d have to say the one difference we have with the musketeers from the past is that we have to keep the truth about ourselves hidden from everyone. Only a select few are aware of what we truly are. Even my mom has been in the dark about me for quite some time. It took unfortunate events that I try not to think about for her to find out about me. Each one of us shifters are like brothers though, having this in common brought us closer together in a way that I never thought it would. Granted that things changed a bit when we split in two packs but we’re still as close as ever. We still enjoy things like racing each other in the woods, or what I call Extreme cliff jumping… cliff jumping but from the highest cliff instead of the one we jumped carelessly from when we were younger. The bonfires we have also took a different turn. Understanding the truth behind all those stories makes them even more special in my eyes, and I can’t wait to be able to tell those stories myself one day.

We’ll take advantage of the quiet time we have right now, knowing that someday again we’ll have to face another share of challenges.

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