March 2017 Blog Posts (9)

End of the Marking Period

Today's the last day of the marking period at school. The teachers are going to turn in their grades tonight. The new marking period starts tomorrow. I can't believe it's already the fourth marking period then Summer!! I live for Summer! Quil said he's going to take me out to watch them cliff dive later this week. Maybe I can try it one day but for now all I'm allowed to do is watch. That's ok though, it's too cold anyway! Those guys are crazy! So I take pictures for them so they can post…


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Terrible 2s

I thought I wouldn't survive the teething phase. I got through that pretty well. The crying made me feel sad for Aerie rather than angry for my loss of sleep. They can't help how they deal with pain. Jake never cried while he was teething and if Rachel and Rebecca did, I certainly don't remember it. Perhaps in time the teething memories will fade with this one too, who knows. Anyway. 

If there's one thing that IS consistent with all 4 of my kids, it's the Terrible 2s. I probably have the…


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Meyers Briggs Personality Test

Pretty accurate for me, if I do say so myself!


Read more and take the test here-

"Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others."

Brian Tracy

The Defender personality type is quite unique, as many of their qualities defy the definition of their individual traits. Though sensitive, Defenders have…


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As March Marches In

I contemplate the deepest parts of winter.  Temperatures don't matter to us. We neither feel hot nor cold so it's always perfect for us. We do keep the castle at a balmy 17 degrees (celsius), to keep our guests at their happiest. 

Caius has a lot of business contacts and entertaining them is something that pleasures him greatly. We have had a few lately that he is so happy with due to his vineyard business being successful. Our grounds are vast and of course we don't tend our own grapes.…


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Weekend Camping trip at Shi Shi Beach!

You may not believe it but I do get the occasional day off. Sue and I jumped in the jeep and hit the trail. We drove up the coastline, stopped along the way so Sue could snap some shots. The beach looks amazing even in the rain so it didn't matter that we were driving in and out of rain all day.

We headed north on the 101 and jumped on 112 and took the coastal route. It was a nice, easy drive.…


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Alice's Birthday Party!

So yesterday I went to Alice's Birthday party. It was awesome! I'm not sure who decorated but yeah, they can come do my birthday party! I loved the flowers and balloons! The balloons were huge and round and had dim flashing lights in them to make them sort of glow. It was so cool! They had cupcakes, brownies, cookies and for lunch there was chili, Texas toast and chips and salsa. Texas toast is this huge chunk of bread that was totally covered in garlic butter. I'm going to ask my mom if we…


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I'm Excited about our school fund raiser!

This is so cool! I'm sure a lot of you shop on Amazon . Now our school is part of that shopping experience!

Support Our School
We are pleased to announced that the Quileute Tribal School is now listed as a charitable organization through the Amazon Smile program. When you join, Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase to the school…

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Have you ever been so overwhelmed by something good or bad that your entire world stops cold. Every second, molecule, atom just freezes as you catch up with the reality that this moment is really happening.


That is how I felt when I first saw Jasper. I knew what to expect..I had seen it in my visions over a million times. I knew what he would look and act like. I knew how the night would unfold. There should have been no surprises and yet, actually…


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Sunday supper

We're having supper with Billy and Tiffany tonight. I'm so excited because that means I get to play with Aerie! I know she's like 2 years old but she's so cute and funny! I love going there too because they have a sweet kitty named Snickers and my mom is not into cats, like at all. She says cats and dont mix. I think they would be fine. I want a cat!!

We're having some kind of chicken and rice and vegetables. Mom and I are bringing brownies that we made! They're still warm and gooey!…


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