Weekend Camping trip at Shi Shi Beach!

You may not believe it but I do get the occasional day off. Sue and I jumped in the jeep and hit the trail. We drove up the coastline, stopped along the way so Sue could snap some shots. The beach looks amazing even in the rain so it didn't matter that we were driving in and out of rain all day.
We headed north on the 101 and jumped on 112 and took the coastal route. It was a nice, easy drive.

We stopped for lunch at Breakwaters and then headed down up the coast for more pictures. A lot of the coastal towns have little signs like this with the weirdness that goes with 'em. It's weird but this is Washington State so what do you expect? Breakwaters was pretty decent. Can't really screw up a fried fish basket and fries!

We got to Shi Shi Beach with very little daylight to spare and Sue wasted no time at all! She broke out that camera and started snapping! The sun started to go down pretty quickly. I got this great shot of her heading out to get the 'perfect shot' as she put it! I played around with filters and love the contrast of the black and white. It also cut the glare from the wet rocks so Sue is really the main focus. She's teaching me and I gotta admit, I'm loving it!

This is the shot she waited 40 minutes to capture

It got pretty dark rather fast so I got our tent set up and Sue gathered up wood and got us a good fire going.

The night sky up here is tremendously beautiful. I can't explain it in words. It's like velvet with tiny dots of light everywhere. Sue did a night shot where she left the filter open so it got a fantastic time lapse shot.

We slept really well. It was cold, gotta say but when you have a double sleeping bag with a nice, winterized tent, it's all good!

Sue was up before dawn waiting for her perfect sunrise shot. Shi Shi Beach is really beautiful and I'm glad it's so close to home because we didn't sleep much last night so a long drive home would suck!

After a few shots of the sunrise we packed up our gear and tossed it in the truck and headed back down and stopped in Neat Bay along the Strait of Juan de Fuca (rt 112) back down towards Forks. We grabbed some grub along the way and stopped at a few spots so Sue could get some pictures.

Stopped for some coffee and lunch in Sappho. Real small town, kinda private, real nice. Might bring Sue back here for a camping trip sometime.

It was a great weekend and surprisingly I didn't bring my fishing gear. Go figure!

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