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50 across: Perus Capitol.  

My unused pen tapped anxiously against the heavy mahogany desk, the white sheets of paper in front of me nearly blank. Taking the cap off the pen felt like cheating in a way, eluding to the next answer before the question had even been presented. In all honestly, the exercise was more for my sanity than enjoyment.

So many thoughts in one place. Voices bounced off the inside of my skull in a myriad that caused a kind of headache; a…


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Ruby Red.

Looking into the mirror, my new reflection gazing back at me with eyes of bright ruby red.


It had spent the majority of my life with golden eyes that were warm and welcoming, always seeing my place with the Cullens and our pact to protect human life from our thirst. I had never questioned this way of life, it felt almost natural for me.


I remember the effort of guiding Jasper through this new way of life and watching his conflict between his biological…


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How is she 6 Years Old?

Aerie is 6.

Those words are both terrifying and miraculous at the same time.

Aerie is SIX years old. SIX. She is a true testament of love, devotion and absolute chaos. She goes from zero to 60 in a flash. She is fast, furious, funny and feral. She loves mud,  princesses, pirates, sticks, bugs, dresses, dirt, hair bows, shorts, flowers, motorcycles (damn it, Jake!) and rain.

She is everything you can imagine all balled up into a tiny frame with an angelic face. She is all…


Added by William Ephraim Black on August 2, 2020 at 5:21pm — No Comments

Italy, Summer 2020

The summer days bleed into nights and pass with such ease and care. I find myself sitting and reminiscing about days gone by. Jane and Alec, Renata, Heidi, Felix and Demetri... we were all quite good friends at one time. Some of my fondest memories are of that time, carefree days and nights, parlor games, hide and seek, tag, cricket and a game that is, today, called, Capture the Flag or Man Hunt. Sometimes our games stretched into week long escapades of endless laughter and fun. To feel that…


Added by Carlisle Cullen MD on August 2, 2020 at 3:41pm — No Comments

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