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Fighting for our hapiness

Like every woman on this planet I also wanted a baby a family of my own, reason number one why I hated this life when I was turned and why instead of being grateful to Carlisle for saving me I resented him for some it, I know it took me some time for me to get over that feeling  but in a way I always admire him and Esme for what they were doing, Esme was so sweet and understanding just like a real mother would and even if I sometimes just blocked them away, it wasn’t because I still resented…


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It is no secret to anyone how I would have wanted to have children of my own, it was one of my dreams, a dream that obviously could not be fulfilled but it all changed the moment I received that call from Bella asking for my help when she found out she was pregnant, I could not say no for many reasons, probably a powerful personal reason but for many others as well and I know the risk it involved, I know that there was a strong possibility that we could lose Bella, but I had hope, we have…


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Who am I?

Some people may think I’m and Ice Queen with no feelings or like Jacob once called me, Ice Cold Barbie, that all I care about is about me and my vanity. Well that is not true, yes I was a drama Queen I admit it, but that was only during my newborn days and even a couple of years after my change but it all changed when I found my Emmett, he turned my world around, he made me the person I am now and for that and many other reasons I love him.

Yes, I admit I am still not and easy person…


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The first time I saw him


It had been 2 years after my change, I was still not too happy about the change my life had taken, better said the way my life had ended and this new one began and was even more upset over Edward’s rejection, I didn’t feel anything for him, but I had never taken rejection lightly as I had never in my past life had been rejected, everyone wanted to be with me, I was of course beautiful and now that was enhanced with my transformation. I was thankful that I didn’t struggle much with…


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