Some people may think I’m and Ice Queen with no feelings or like Jacob once called me, Ice Cold Barbie, that all I care about is about me and my vanity. Well that is not true, yes I was a drama Queen I admit it, but that was only during my newborn days and even a couple of years after my change but it all changed when I found my Emmett, he turned my world around, he made me the person I am now and for that and many other reasons I love him.

Yes, I admit I am still not and easy person and I have flaws like everyone, no one is perfect, I may not be as open about my feelings like Emmett or the rest of my family are but it doesn’t mean I don’t love them, because I do and those that know me, know that I would give everything for them, I would give my life for them if I was asked to. There are only two people in this family that see, let’s say my soft side more often and that’s Ness and Emmett, I would do anything for Renesmee, she brought so much light into my life even before she was born, she gave us hope and a new meaning ,I love her as if she was my own and yes I know that they say, that I cared about only her and not Bella’s life back then but that was not entirely true, yes I cared about the baby more but I cared and admired Bella for standing up for someone that was hurting her and not just that, that was killing her, but the love Bella had for her unborn baby made me realize the real person that she was and that we had more in common than I really ever knew. I think it was there in all that chaos and all that followed Renesmee’s birth that I let the veil fall and I allowed others to see the other side of Rosalie Hale Cullen, the soft side the one that cared not just about herself but for others.

So what I am trying to say is that I am no Ice Queen, I am just a cautious person, someone that doesn’t show her feelings outside her family, I don’t say I love you just for saying it, even when I do know that feeling pretty well as I am deeply in love with my husband and of course I love my family and care very much about our friends.

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