It had been 2 years after my change, I was still not too happy about the change my life had taken, better said the way my life had ended and this new one began and was even more upset over Edward’s rejection, I didn’t feel anything for him, but I had never taken rejection lightly as I had never in my past life had been rejected, everyone wanted to be with me, I was of course beautiful and now that was enhanced with my transformation. I was thankful that I didn’t struggle much with my thirst and I fought very hard to maintain it under control, of course Carlisle and Esme helped me a lot in the process as well, I just refused to go through this life with the eyes of a killer.

One day while hunting outside of Gatlinburg , Tennessee  I heard a very loud growl outside the trail followed by the scent of human blood, I was fighting the urge  to go to it, when I heard a man’s weak cry for help and ran to his location and there I found him Emmett was terribly injured as a big grizzly bear was attacking him, as soon as I saw his face, he reminded me of my old friend Vera’s little boy Henry and without thinking I knew I had to save him, so I lunched myself at the bear fighting him until I sank my teeth into his neck quickly drinking his blood, standing up as soon as he had died, turning my attention to the man laying on the ground, he could barely keep his eyes open, but something in them captured me, he murmured angel and lost consciousness I carefully picked him up  trying to hold my breath resisting the urge to drink his blood the only thing in my mind was to save him, I wanted to save him, but I knew I could not do it myself, so I had to rush home and take him to Carlisle, I was miles away ,I ran as fast as I could.

When I arrived home I was relieved that Carlisle was home, I begged him to save him for me, that he had to save him and he did, while he was in the transformation process I cleaned the blood from him and saw how his wounds were healing because of the venom, I asked Carlisle and Edward to help me change him into clean clothes and I just stayed with him during the whole transformation, holding his hand knowing what he was feeling, but in all honesty I didn’t know what I was feeling, and what I thought it was scared me for what had happen in my past life and I was thinking about it when I heard Emmett’s heartbeat fasten then suddenly stop and called for Carlisle, he tried to pull me from him as he didn’t knew how he would react, I was trying to reason with Carlisle when I heard Emmett speak his eyes still half closed and he said “Angel?”.

After Carlisle and everyone else explained to him what he had become, I had actually expect him to be upset with me, to hate me for what I had turned him into but he took it exceptionally well and after that day we rarely separated and my life completely changed.

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Comment by Rosalie Hale on May 8, 2013 at 10:14am

Thank you Koreen, Emmett changed my life.


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