It is no secret to anyone how I would have wanted to have children of my own, it was one of my dreams, a dream that obviously could not be fulfilled but it all changed the moment I received that call from Bella asking for my help when she found out she was pregnant, I could not say no for many reasons, probably a powerful personal reason but for many others as well and I know the risk it involved, I know that there was a strong possibility that we could lose Bella, but I had hope, we have Carlisle and he is a very experienced doctor and both Edward and I had went to medical school, so we knew what to do, Bella had a chance, they both did.

Edward hated me when they came back as he thought I was being selfish for not caring for Bella and only caring about the baby but it was not true, it did worried me what happen to Bella, she was part of my family now, so yes I did care, my focus yes was the baby, maybe for obvious reasons and I admit I worried more about the baby, because the baby was a miracle a hope for us, for me, not because if Bella died I would still have the baby but because we would never have an opportunity like this again, to have a baby in our family was priceless even if I was the only one to admit it openly and I knew deep down as bad as Bella was that she would survive, we would keep her alive and after she would become like us.

When the day finally came, I panicked, Carlisle was not home and I knew Edward would focus more on saving Bella than the baby, but Bella had told me had asked me to save her baby beyond all cost, even her own life, all was ready but there was one problem we had not feed in a long time, I lost control and hated myself for it, but I fought very strongly to contain myself I allowed Jacob and Alice to push me out of the room I didn’t want to hurt Bella more than she was already hurting so I let them handle it, when I heard Renesmee cry for the first time my world stop my whole focus was on her, I could also hear Bella’s slow heartbeat, when I went back into the room the scent of Bella’s blood threaten to betray me but as soon as I had her in my arms it all changed again, I took a quick look at Bella and hoped for her to come back to us and took Renesmee out of the room. She was so precious so small, so perfect all I could do was admirer her, once I cleaned her up I took her down so I could feed her, while watching her eat my focus was on the library, on Bella I kept telling Renesmee she would be okay, your mom will be okay princess that’s all I kept saying smiling softly at her as she looked up at me with those precious brown eyes, she was so awake and focused while she feed but once she finished her bottle, I saw her softly struggle in my arms to take her hands out of the blanket and when she did, her small hand reached up and touched my cheek and she showed me what had just happen, how she had bitten Bella, I saw also Edwards face I was in shock, of course she would be gifted and I know she was asking me for her mother and I was relieved when I heard Bella’s steady but yet rapid heartbeat, I looked down at Renesmee and smiled at her telling her, her mommy would soon be with us again.

All of this obviously brought our family closer together and even Edward and me and I admired Bella, I didn’t question her decision anymore I understood it. But we had another problem in our hands, we worried about Ness, we didn’t knew how long we would have with her, then of course the Volturi now were after our family all because of a misunderstanding that cost the life of a family member, when it was all over as sad as we were about Irina’s passing we were also happy because we also learned we did not have to worry about the time we would have with Ness, she was here to stay my girl would be with us forever, even if we had gained another unexpected member to our family and yes by that I mean Jacob, I was happy, I could spoil her all I wanted, love her all I wanted for the rest of our lives.

Now almost seven years later, Ness is almost all grown up and in love with Jacob, what started as Jacob being her guardian, her best friend had evolved into something we all knew would happen but would have wished we had more time with her as a child, I know Edward and Bella would, but even with that she will always be my little girl, she changed my life, she in a way completed me, completed our family and I love her so much.

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