June 2015 Blog Posts (5)

Father's Day

Every country has their own variation of Father's Day, a day to celebrate either being a father or honoring your own father. My memories will fail with time, so I find it important to write about my life and my family who have since left the realm of the living.

My father wasn't a rich man, but he took care of us. He taught me the value of hard work and was wiser than most. He always treated my mother with respect, which was somewhat rare back in the 1700s as women technically…


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//This is what went through my mind following my visit with Charles's sister, Sienna.//

Perhaps traveling to Denmark was not the wisest choice. Then again, it completely opened my eyes up to the underlying issues that resided between Charles and myself. Charles avoided the topic of Denmark for decades. Any time I brought up visiting, he would shoot down the idea. Part of me understood his reasons. His family did not know about…


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Heading to Denmark

It was a bit unsettling not knowing what I was going to get Charles for his birthday. Both his birth into the world as a human and his birth as a vampire were just days apart. I had gotten Charles some extravagant gifts over the years, including trips that took us all around the world. Out of all the places Charles and I have traveled to throughout the years, we had yet to take a trip to Denmark. He never said it outright, but he always found a way to avoid Denmark…


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The Story of Julliette Rose

Before you read this, please read the prologue: http://thecullensonline.ning.com/profiles/blogs/the-story-of-julliette-rose-prologue

My name is Julliette Rose. Just Julliette Rose. No last name. And this is my story.

It all started when I was three. My mother and father were always fighting. Or rather, my father was always beating up my mother. Until one day, he…


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The Story of Julliette Rose [Prologue]

My name is Julliette Rose. And I would like to begin my story with a poem I wrote about my life.

Dear Mama,

Today I am ten.

I wish more than anything

To see you again.

I wish I wasn't stupid

I wish I wasn't ugly.

Then maybe you'd come…


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