Things around the castle have been unsettling and different.  I've been keeping my mind occupied after the events that have occurred.  This is what has been keeping me from going on an unnecessary bloodbath.  I will not admit the emotions I may (or may not) be feeling after losing Demetri and Heidi overnight.  Those emotions (if they exist) are for only me to know and for me to deal with in my own way.

Now that I don't have Demetri and Heidi to poke fun of about their obvious love for each other (and not fraternal love, in any way), I've had a lot of alone time in my chambers.  Seems everyone is beside themselves.  Even though duties in the castle continue, it's obvious the air has changed.  Last time I went to visit my brother in his chambers, I grabbed one of his quotation books and one quote stood out to me.  It said: "The chief danger in life is that you may take too many precautions."  I couldn't help but burst out laughing to myself.  What precautions can I take since I am an immortal vampire?  The answer is: none.  I'm virtually untouchable.  I will live forever.  If anyone ever tried to kill me, my brother would have my back and I'd easily torture and kill them.  This quote has nothing to do with vampires like myself.  Therefore, I found it quite amusing.  All of these quotes about life and not many pertaining to the kind of "life" I lead on a daily basis.

I will admit that it is hard to find intellectual, titillating quotations about immortal life.  But the lack of quotes on the matter only makes me feel that much better about myself.  I am special.  I will forever be special.  And to humans, I don't exist.  I could live with that realization for an eternity.  Especially since most of those people who don't believe in us will become my next week's meal the following day.

...wait!  This means I now need to fetch my own meals!

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