As I type this blog entry, I am in a cabin that I assume is rather warm, but I wouldn’t know.  Freezing cold, blistering hot, it all seems the same to me.  It all seems the same to all of our kind unless we are thrown into a fire, but hope to your deity that you have dismembered us or you will be put to death upon contact.  So, why am I at my laptop typing while I’m on a lovely vacation with my brother, you ask?  I honestly cannot answer that for you without having to dig into my mind and wonder where all of these words are going.  I guess it’s being caused because of some sort of creative burst I seem to be having.  Or, better yet, I just felt like being the center ofyour attention.  If you are reading this, I see that I have succeeded. 

Since arriving at the Redbrook Ski Lodge, things have been rather quiet.  It seems as if @_PeterNomad_ has been quite busy.  Too busy to welcome us upon our arrival.  No hard feelings, I’m sure, as we did receive a note from him.  However, we still have yet to actually see him.  If @Charly_Nomad hadn’t welcomed us, I’m sure we would have had a few choice words with the couple.  But nonetheless, they’ve pulled through, as they always do.  @Sadisticalec and I haven’t done much since arriving.  @Sadisticalec made a snow angel and in that instant I decided to spoil his fun by dropping a snowball on his face as he was sprawled on the snow.  That was rather amusing.  Then, after unpacking our belongings, we went out on a hunt.  Respecting @_PeterNomad_’s and @Charly_Nomad’s wishes, we did not feed on any humans in the vicinity.  Instead, we went out to Oklahoma to a city named Ponca City.  The humans smelled appetizing there.  I was going to go after this one woman who smelled of fear, but @SadisticAlec pulled me away by giving a good point: food isn’t any good when they already know you are coming.  It’s the thrill of the hunt.  The whole point of feeding is to sneak up on unsuspecting victims.  What fun is it when they’re already soiling themselves and screaming?  Not fun at all, I say.  Nonetheless, we did get our fill and are now back in our cabin.  In about a day, we will be traveling to Egypt. 

After that, we will return back to Volterra.  Back to business.  I’m sure upon our return, @PunishingRuler will not be too pleased with the two of us leaving.  But it had to be done.  With half of our coven parting ways, we needed to have an escape from it all.  Maybe I’m just remaining hopeful that our siblings may find their way back to Volterra soon.  For certain, @SadisticAlec and I have been searching for them.  I’m sure with our searching, we will find them soon.  Only time can tell…and we’ve got an eternity of time to search.

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