My mother and father,

I am aware that you are no longer alive.  You are, I hope, exactly where you both should be: in the inferno.  That's right!  I hope you both are eternally burning!  How dare the both of you not fight to keep Alec and I from being tied up like witches on a stick, suspended over a burning fire!  How could any parent subject their children to that torture and not do everything they could to keep them from a fate such as the one Alec and I were thrown into?!?  I'll tell you who!  YOU!  BOTH OF YOU!  HEARTLESS PARENTS!!!  You both lack parental responsibility!  I'm sure if you both were any decent parents, you both would have always kept an eye on both Alec and I.  You both would have kept us out of trouble and kept us from doing anything that villagers would look badly upon us for.  But no!  You both were so consumed in your own personal misery that it seemed as if Alec and I stopped existing to you! 

To this very day, I do not forgive you.  I will NEVER forgive you!  Because of your inaction as parents, we have become beings I never knew had existed.  But because of what we are, we still "live" today.  That's NO thanks to either of you!  It's all thanks for Aro Volturi.  He has been more of a father to us than you, dad, had ever been in our childhood.  We no longer live in a small village house.  Because you both abandoned us and left us for dead, we have been reborn and live in a magnificent castle.  A place you will NEVER see the likes of!  And the family we live amongst are the family I wish I had been BORN into! 

I hope with every word I write it feels like daggers in your hearts.  Alec and I NEVER had a mortal mother and father.  I hope you both continue to burn where you are at.  You deserve nothing more than that.  No "reincarnation" or being "born again."  Any celestial being wouldn't reward the MURDERERS OF THEIR OWN CHILDREN that sort of paradise. 


Jane Volturi

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Comment by Jane Volturi on February 21, 2012 at 7:07pm
Thank you for your understanding and sympathy, Liam. I'm glad everyone on this earth isn't entirely twisted like my own parents were...


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