I recall watching the ocean of people in the streets.  It was some sort of celebration and the bars were just closing.  There's one person in particular that caught my eyes.  A well-built, muscular man wearing a blue polo shirt.  Watching him stumble over himself causes me to laugh loudly.  His bright blue eyes catch my onyx pair.  There was no hiding anymore.  Instead, I hover by the tree I had been hiding behind, trying to lure him over.  Still stumbling, he approaches me slowly.  It wasn't long before he was in talking distance after falling over himself a couple times. 

"Oops, I tripped."  The burly man admits to me.

I smirk again, "Yes, I saw it all."

"Isn't it passed your bed time, little girl?"  He tries to overly enunciate every word, perking a brow at me. "What are you doing out here all alone?"

My innocent laugh changed to one that was low.  "Well, you see sir. I have a bit of a problem. I am famished! From what I've heard, this city is a great place to catch a...bite."  I stand there grinning silently.

"You are one odd piece of work, kid."  

Those were his last words to me.  The man reeked of alcohol and sweat.  It was disgusting.  And to think of biting down into that salty, sweaty skin made me feel queasy.  Instead, I took a nearby brick from the broken part of the wall beside the tree and smashed it into the man's skull.  The thought of my father helplessly allowing the villagers to take Alec and I and tie us up on the stake and set fire to the both of us filled me with rage.  This caused me to smash the brick into the man's skull repeatedly; harder and harder with each connection.  The blood now flowed freely like a babbling brook.  Not wanting the man's flesh in my mouth, I tore his head off and held it above me, letting it drip into my mouth.  His blood was still warm.  His body still twitched at my feet.  

I brought the man's body into the deep woods and set fire to it.  I wanted nothing more than a shower to wash off the man's filth after that.  Safely back in the castle in my own chamber's shower, his blood colored the water at my feet.  I watched it swirl down the drain.  I kept watching until the water ran clear again.  After getting a pair of comfortable pajamas on, I pulled my hair up into a ponytail with a black ribbon and reached for my chamber's doorknob, turning it gently.  I couldn't wait to spend more time with my brother, Alec.

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