I remember last Christmas as if it happened yesterday.  The absence of my brother was so surreal, it was hard for me to handle.  For centuries, even back when we were both human, we had always spent Christmas together.  We used to be inseparable until he had departed from the castle and went on his "search for himself."  Last Christmas is one that I will never forget because for once in my life, I felt true loss.  When my mother and father died, I felt no loss.  They deserved what they got for allowing the villagers to tie us up and burn us!  But not having my brother by my side for one year, especially during the holiday season, is one day I wish to never replay. 

However, this year is different!  My brother has returned and claims that he will not leave the castle on another one of his trips again.  Everything is right in the castle again!  The pranks are still flowing, especially between the two of us and Santiago.  The air during day and night has that crisp scent to it.  I am quite sure that this winter season is a lot colder than past Christmases.  Alec and I had recently gone on a shopping trip to purchase gifts for the family and I couldn't help but giggle at how many layers of clothing the Volterra humans wore.  The humans this year looked a lot more plump than last year.  Therefore, I can only assume it's much colder by this fact, since I cannot exactly feel the temperature outside.  I wear almost the same type of clothing every day and not once have I been able to feel cold or hot.  Not since I was human.  So, you would be safe to assume that I pity and laugh at humans in Volterra who seem to be freezing. 

Banchi di Sopra was beautiful as it always is every year when Alec and I go holiday shopping together.  The Star of Bethlehem glistened above us.  Strings of them were strewn everywhere.  One thing I never get tired of looking at is holiday lights.  They truly are more vivid in color when you are a vampire.  More beautiful.  You humans think you have seen such beautiful holiday spectacles?  Think again.  You haven't seen beauty unless you're a vampire.  The white of the Stars of Bethlehem glistened, but I could see every color in the spectrum, causing a beautiful rainbow hue with each one.  Of course, as I admired how the Banchi di Sopra was decorated, the eager and inconsiderate holiday shoppers would run into my brother and I, shaking me out of my admiration of the lights, only causing me to want to feed off of every disrespectful human.  The holidays centuries ago used to simply be about who we believed Jesus was, spend time with family, and if you were lucky and had some spare change lying around, you'd receive one gift.  It just seems that the true meaning of Christmas has become more about capitalism.  Nobody seems to be pleased with only one gift.  Most humans want more!  That is a true pity.  I'd like to take one of these humans, throw them back in time when I was a human child, and see how selfish they truly are before feasting upon them out of pure disgust. 

I don't care about presents.  This holiday season, I've received the best gift of all: my brother, Alec.  If I receive more presents, that will be a surprise.  But one holiday season after another, I've never demanded or expected gifts.  I'm just thankful enough to be amongst my Volturi family this season. 

To you and yours, have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year.  Do not forget the true meaning of Christmas.  It is not all about presents.  And while I'm on a roll here giving my speech about goodwill: go out and do something that will help others.  Volunteer at a homeless human shelter, animal shelter, donate human food to the needy, or pull just one tag off of your shopping center's Christmas tree and help a human enjoy this holiday season just that much more.  Master Aro doesn't know, but I raided the kitchen here in the castle.  We keep food in the kitchen for human guests we wish to play around with before feasting upon them.  Well, I donated a bunch of canned food to the Volterra homeless.  We can't have the humans wasting away.  We need them nice and plump for us.  Yes, don't think I'm going on this "help everybody" plea because I actually care about them.  I just want the humans and animals happy and plump because happy and plump creatures taste the best!  The animals?  I can ship a few to the Cullens for Christmas. 

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