With the impending holiday season upon us and the re-arrival of my dearest brother, Alec to the castle, I felt that I am obligated to express the many things that I am thankful for.  I find it only fitting since Thanksgiving is near.  Many individuals may be curious as to what exactly someone like me could be thankful for.  Now is your chance to get that question answered!


First and foremost, I am thankful for my brother, Alec.  He has returned to the castle after being gone for almost a year!  His presence in the castle has brought me a sort of comfort that nobody else could compare to.  My brother, my twin, the only blood relative I have left has always been in my life, both human and vampire.  Sure, he left this one time, but it wasn't an act to say that he doesn't love me as his sister.  My brother is very calculating and his thoughts are more deeper than I allow my thoughts to ever go.  That is why he keeps me in line when I begin to lose my temper towards anyone when he sees no logical reasoning for it.  I am thankful that now I won't have to worry about if he is alive or dead.  I will no longer have uneventful nights because now I can simply walk to my brother's chambers after duty to visit.  This will definitely beat the quiet nights I've spent in my chambers listening to my classical records, playing my piano, and sobbing tearlessly into the bathtub.  I am now complete because my brother has returned and I am thankful for that.


Next, I am thankful for my Master Aro.  If it wasn't for him and the other Volturi that had stepped in when my brother and I were on the stake with the fire licking at our feet, we both would have been dead.  Instead, Master Aro and The Volturi released us from the agony we were experiencing, took care of what I would have enjoyed doing to the village if I had ever been able to return there, and changed us.  At first, I will admit that I wasn't too thrilled about being turned at such a young age.  But if he hadn't turned us, we would not have made it through the third degree burns that enveloped over our entire bodies.  We were too young and our bodies would not have been able to withstand the pain if he hadn't turned us almost immediately.  As much as I sometimes get a little too opinionated towards Master Aro's actions at times, I still view him as more of a father to me than my biological father had ever been.  I believe Master Aro would not willingly hand us over to a group of people to kill us.  Not unless there was cause and had really gone against our own laws. 


Furthermore, I am thankful for my Volturi brothers, sisters, mothers, and masters.  Regardless of how much I may inflict pain on them, get on their nerves, pester them, tease them, bother them to no end, they still tolerate me and make me feel that love that only close families share.  I love how I can tease my sister, Heidi, and my brother, Demetri, about their obvious romance they have but don't want to confess to.  I love how I can wander into my brother, Santiago's chambers and he can give me a presentation about classic and rare books and then go right into reading his favorites to me, only enlightening me even more about literature.  I can always find solace and understanding from Lady Sulpicia when I need to get something off my chest.  She is another voice of reason just as mu brother is to me.  My entire family is what I am thankful for.  I don't mean my biological parents.  I mean the ones who saved me and my brother and gave us another chance at living life: The Volturi.


My gift.  I am thankful that I have such a powerful gift that causes others to quake when they hear my name.  If I wasn't highly gifted as I am, I honestly feel that my use to Master Aro would not have been present and he would not have allowed me to stay in the castle.  When I'm angry, I can simply go out at night, find some rogue vampires violating a law, and take my anger out on them.  It's great fun and I enjoy doing so.  My gift...certainly thankful for it.


There are a lot of little things I could list that I am thankful for, but being that my brother is back in the castle, it would be a waste of time to list everything.  I have more important matters to tend to like getting back into pranking alongside Alec once again!  Nobody will be safe. 


So, to those of you around the world, I do wish you a sincere Thanksgiving with your family as I will be enjoying it with mine. 



Jane Volturi

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