Another year has passed and Valentines is upon us once more. Beautiful bouquets of roses on display spill out of florists everywhere onto the street. Crisp white, or deep ruby red the surrounding air is thick with their sweet perfume. Despite all the love and happiness a hint of sadness still lingers in the air. Every now and then it makes its presence known, a lonely heart wandering the beach alone or a solitary figure sitting on a park bench.

Fastwarding through my day, I find myself sitting on my porch, wrapped in my blanket watching the moon in the night sky. Going over my decision to stay with Leah and not to attend the ball, I know is not one I regret. Having my daughters company, no matter her mood always makes me smile. Intentionally I bide my time until suddenly the music stops and the house falls silent. Just as I'm beginning to think Leah may have gone to bed, the sound of the door opening and seeing her head pop round the corner puts that thought to rest. Kicking the door mat back into place, and looking up with a half smile, I'm greeted with, C'mon mum, watch a movie with me.

Leaving my comfy chair, still hugging my blanket I follow my favourite daughter inside, and curl up on the couch to await my fate. Movies I must tell you I love, but scary movies hmmm that depends, I quickly scan the selection and my suspicions are confirmed, they're all horror. Not wanting to appear chicken, I put on my bravest smile and ask, "Do we have chocolate"? to which Leah disappears and re-appears with one block for each of us. Opening credits on the movie reveal its worse than I thought.....Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Pulling my blanket up higher, I settle in for two hours of terror, covering my mouth with the corner just in case I feel the urge to scream. Quietly I try to cover my eyes hoping Leah won't catch me, but hahh fat chance, giving my arm a pat Leah proceeds to tell me, its ok mum this is nothing yet, wait till it really gets going.

Recalling the trailers, its not long before her words ring true and the young ones start droppig like flies. Somewhere halfway through, Leah turned to me and thanked me, thanked me for staying, and making her laugh on a day that would usually have her, in her room. Talking our way through the rest of the movie,eating our chocolate and me still hiding occasionaly, I can't tell you how much i enjoyed this night. Understand though I joke to Leah, I'll never watch this again.. ever.

Vacating my comfy couch, I run into the kitchen and pop the kettle on, before running back and hopping under my blanket, ughh 2 more victims, have been chopped up since I left my seat, Leah chuckles at my expression. Willing a fictional character to run away from a homicidal chainsaw wielding maniac, doesn't work, but Leah thought my useless pleas were amusing. *smiles* X-Ray glasses thats what they need, I think to myself as I watch the remaining characters fall victim, all but one...of course, the one that gets away, how else do you expect to have a sequel if there is no survivor.

Yawning and stretching I turn to laugh at Leah's expression as she announces, "that was quite lame mum, as far as scary ones go".. Zipping my mouth, so as not to encourage another horror so soon, I smile and say goodnight to my daughter as she climbs the stairs.

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