This morning, I was graced with having the company of Lady Sulpicia on a horse ride out of the city so I could feed.  However, it wasn't a routine feeding excursion that we'd usually take.  I stumbled upon an e-mail a mortal had sent my way and some of the accusations enraged me.  So, I felt like taking my anger out on a handful of mortals, feeling that if I could torture them and drain them completely while satiating my hunger, I would feel better and at ease.  Wouldn't you know, it did work!  It was lovely watching the mortal men writhe in pain on the wet concrete of a shaded alley.  Because of the one mortal who thought they could disrespect me and defy me, that mortal now has six lives that were ended in their stead.  If you are reading this, congratulations!  Their deaths will weigh on your conscience for the rest of your meek existence on this earth.


Let this be a lesson that if you have anything to say about what I have to say and it is not respectful, there will be someone to suffer and die in your stead.  And trust me, I take great pleasure and pride torturing you mortals and rogue vampires that feel the need to defy the Volturi. 


Now, with my stomach full, I am set for at least two weeks now!  I will feel no remorse or pity over what I have done today.  Cheers!



Jane Volturi

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Comment by Jane Volturi on July 6, 2011 at 12:57pm
*smiles and nods*  Thank you for your amusing response yet again, dear Angelia.  *chuckles*
Comment by Angelia on July 6, 2011 at 5:59am
I never laughed so hard in my life.  No, the deaths are totally on you, a sadistic little witch.  And I merely chose to set you straight on your lacking definition of family.  And I cannot defy someone whom I am neither a servant or indebted to.  I will never be your servant.  And hell no I do not respect a murdering monster.  Not even a little bit.  Finally, the fact that you feel no remorse or pity for your criminal acts is no surprise to anyone.


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