The castle has been rather quiet as of late.  Demetri and Santiago are off in Switzerland trying to find the truth about what is causing the deaths of humans out there.  There was a hunch that it could be vampires, but they are not certain yet.  I've been in constant contact with Santiago the most over the progress of their mission.  So far, nothing looks promising.  Not much is being found.  With these two guys gone, the castle has been considerably a lot calmer.  Although I am admitting that I am enjoying my peace and quiet, I will also admit that I do miss the spontaneity of my two brothers.  You never know what they will be up to around the castle during the down time.  It can be quite amusing.  I recall the time I helped Demetri set traps in the hedge maze for fun and when Alec and I hid Santiago's guitar.  Who says we Volturi are always so serious and sinister?  *Grins*  I eagerly await their arrival back to the castle.  Not only because I do miss their company, but because of a few other reasons. 


The first reason is Santiago has promised to bring me out to get something I would like.  Another is because I will have to find a way to get back at Santiago for leaving without a note or any word about this mission and because he felt that I would not mind being his "stable girl."  I am sorry, but on my down time, I do not care for the horses.  I take care of my own.  And why Santiago thinks I would not mind taking care of Alvino, his horse that despises me is beyond me.  It was a good try on his part, but I will not be his servant.  I will be his sister and fellow guard.  That is all.  Leave the horse tending to Lucas when any of the Volturi are out on missions.  He is a very trusting young man. I believe Santiago just felt like testing the waters with me to see how far I'd go in bending to his will.  Does he not know me well enough?  I AM JANE! 


Before all the texting between Santiago and I got out of hand, I finally was confronted by Master Aro about the incident involving Lady Sulpicia.  I told him my side of the story.  Now I have made a promise to him that if I should feel the ned to leave the castle and Lady Sulpicia insists on accompanying me, I must not leave and return to the castle with Lady Sulpicia in tow.  I was fearing the worst from Master Aro, but the confrontation was not as bad as I had imagined it being.  Possibly because what had happened with Lady Sulpicia was not entirely my fault.  She willingly accompanied me.  I did not drag her out with me.  I am not sure.  All I know is that I am glad that the confrontation about this matter is finished. 


I had a chance to speak briefly with Heidi.  She is doing well in London and has found our English meal of whom she is bringing home promptly.  Her gift is amazing in the way it works.  Our dear lure who always keeps us well satiated.  I am sure all of us are thankful for her willingness to catch our meals so easily for us.  I will admit that, at times, I do enjoy catching my own meal.  Since the incident with Lady Sulpicia, I have been doing very well and have not had to hunt while on my routine duties.  It has been quite pleasant.


I recall typing an entry about what real family is.  That was created upon my arrival at the castle.  Everything had seemed so foreign to me.  But as the days went on, I quickly built relationships with various members of the Volturi family and have been felt so welcomed by the ones I have had the honor of spending time with.  I created that first blog out of ignorance and naivety.  The Volturi are the closest family I have.  The Volturi also includes my dear brother, Alec.  But now I see how even though I may not be related to the other members of the Volturi, it is possible to consider a lot of them as dearest of mothers, brothers, and sisters.  


After spending a lot of time with Lady Sulpicia, I view her more of a mother figure to me.  She is so nurturing and cares so much for the well-being of everyone in the Volturi.  My dear brother, Demetri, showed me that I could have fun and branch out a little when I am off-duty by helping him build traps in the hedge maze.  My sister, Heidi, is a pleasant girl to speak with.  Very polite and least when I approached her.  I can see why my brother, Demetri, thinks so highly of her.  She is a very nice woman who, deep down inside, does care for him.  And I know Demetri cares for her a lot more than he thinks.  Finally, my other brother, Santiago.  He tests my patience as much as he can and it annoys me beyond belief!  I believe he thinks it's a game to see how mad he can get me.  I do not understand why he would want to willingly get me upset with him.  He felt my pain before when Alec and I first found him.  He is really that eager to feel it again so voluntarily?  Nonetheless, even though Santiago pesters me, he is doing what any big brother would do.  


And as I think about brothers, I am still missing my blood brother, Alec.  He still has not sent any word of his arrival back to the castle.  As each day passes, my worry grows.  I am thinking I may want to go on a mission soon to retrace my steps to the last place I saw him.  Possibly bring Demetri with me to track Alec down.  Hopefully if we are allowed to take on this mission, we can finally find my brother in good health and good spirits, safe and sound, and bring him back to the castle.  I miss him greatly.  More than I let on to my dear Volturi family.


So it seems as if everyone had been given a special mission but me.  I am a bit upset about this fact.  I have been pondering if it is due to the incident with Lady Sulpicia.  Maybe I have been put on the back burner?  No get away for me?  I would not mind aimlessly searching around for a coven or checking the activities in New Zealand.  That would be my choice.  I guess I will have to ask Master Aro about having been looked over on these missions.  I do hope he does not find it offensive that I am questioning his actions when it comes to letting me join in on these missions.  It is a simple question.


Until my next entry, I bid all of you farewell. 




Jane Volturi

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