The Cullens call themselves a real family.  I laugh at that.  It amuses me because, if you look at their "family," it's quite dysfunctional and weird.  How is it that you can all have your mates under one roof and not one of them even has any kind of blood relation?  How can you call that a family?  It's a coven and that's it.

Real family is related by blood. Born of the same mother (not "reborn" from the same maker). I do not call Aro my father. He is my maker. I had a mother and a father once. Real family is what my dear brother and I are. We were born of the same mother. We were raised by the same parents. Lived under the same household. Almost met our demise side-by-side in the same fashion. We were saved by Aro and changed by him simultaneously. And to this very day, we remain side-by-side as guards of the Volturi. Still brother and sister.

That is what you can call a real family. Any other vampires living in groups under the same household will forever be seen by me and the Volturi as covens. Not family. Not unless you shared your human lives together and remain together after your change as Alec and I have. Then you may be called a family.

So, do not humor me by saying you are a family or by trying to talk me into how you believe you're a family because it will not work. Nobody knows how much my brother and I went through in both of our lives and to say that a vampire coven is a family is close to being a mockery of what my brother and I truly are: Family.

I love my brother more than any vampire in existence. If anyone ever threatened his well-being, they would definitely have to deal with me. As they say: "Blood is thicker than water," so be careful who you make enemies with. Especially if they're real family.

That, my friends, is all I have to share this evening. I've been very busy around the castle. I watched the newscast last night on television and had to take care of some rogue vampires who thought it would be okay to massacre a small neighborhood just because it was nighttime. The vampires didn't even have the decency to clean up the bodies afterwards. So, as you can imagine, I was very busy last night with Aro and my brother, torturing and reminding our fellow Italian vampires of the laws they must abide by. I am exhausted. I must try to relax and regain my strength in case more occurrences happen tonight and Aro needs me again. The life of a Volturi can drain you rather quickly. Until my next entry, have a wonderful evening.

Jane Volturi

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