I have never embraced the monster within me, well not really.

My first 200 years were a constant battle, surviving and yet trying to hold onto some humanity. I only ever fed on those who would have meant me harm, if I had indeed been the helpless young woman they thought me to be. I fed on those who were cruel and sadistic, ugly by nature. I have lived the last 165 years in complete happiness and I have never regretted my choices, but a turn of events, an innocent slip up and my world would be turned upside down.

I have walked the treaty line on many occasions and I have even spoken to Sam, he wasn't exactly that thrilled to see me to be sure, but he wasn't rude to me either, not once. Now young Leah Clearwater is a different story altogether, yet it wasn't her that scared me, or provoked a reaction in me that scared me should I say.

It so happened I was walking my usual path not far from the border, the running sounds of the water nearby always a calming sound, when my beautfiul evening walk was disrupted an approaching scent and the distinct sound of someone phasing, followed by this unusually harsh voice, "What are you doing", confused I spoke quietly but cheerfully, "Oh hello Embry, I'm just out walking and you? Patrol for you tonight?" "What business is it of yours", he barked back, slightly
taken aback by his tone, I raised my brow questioningly and answered quietly, "sorry just asking", silently thinking to myself, well you asked me first. "We're not friends you and I Carmen, this isn't a friendly catch up between old friends", he retorted.

I couldn't stop the small gasp that escaped me and logically deep down, I knew that there was obviously more than my presence that had sparked such a strong reaction in Embry, but with the speed that a vampires mind works and the sudden irritation that I felt at being treated in such a way, the monster within awoke just enough, and a sequence of events had played out in my mind so quickly that they had come to an end game conclusion before I could take a steadying breath.

I continued to walk slowly as though in a trance while I thought with a shudder of what reality could have been here this night, if I wasn't the person I truly am deep inside. Embry mirrored my path safely on the other side of the water that divided our borders, glaring at me ever so often as I slowly replayed the events in my head....

Blurring across the dividing distance seperating us, my eyes darken at the scent of human blood, even as my nose wrinkles in disgust at the stench, but I am beyond caring now, scanning the surrounding forest, knowing we are alone. Curling my lip into a wide grin, as the venom pools and smirking as the hair stands up on the back of his neck as my teeth sink into his jugular at the same time.

My hand covers his mouth instantly against his muffled screams as I unleash the monster within and drink hungrily from him. Growling as I continue to drink, the blood not coming quick enough, my grip increases on his wrist like iron clamps as he struggles in vain, his eyes widening with fear.

Pinning him down with my knee as he falls to the ground, I continue to drain him, the venom spreads quickly, aiding my efforts. Finally, his resounding heartbeat lessons and his struggles slow until finally there is silence, releasing my hold on him as the the last of his blood passes my lips, the fire fading now from my throat, I pick up his drained corpse and carry it deep into the forest, before building a fire and burning his remains.

When the last scene finished in my mind, I couldn't help but shudder, I looked over to Embry quickly, thankful that he wouldn't know any of this, the thought disturbed me greatly and I wanted nothing more now than to get far away from him, I took a calming breath and I apologised to Embry for my presence obviously having annoyed him so much.

I took my leave that night and left a slightly shocked Embry in the wake of my hasty farewell, as I disappeared into the forest heading straight for home.

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