You know those rare days when everything just seems to run along smoothly? Well I definitely had one of those days. The weather was perfect as I drove to work and who can ask for more than that! The twins Maddy & Tim were celebrating their 7th birthday and Julie (their Mom) was there waiting for me, mail in hand I might add... bless her. Jule's chatted while I retrieved the candy bags that I had just made up the night before, epecially for their party this weekend. That isn't something I get asked to do very often but Jule's is a fellow nurse and works very long hours.

There was a steady stream of people in and out all day, so I was happy to finally call it a day and head on home. Of course, that didn't mean I could relax and put my feet up... No siree*smiles* Leah.. was out and Ruffnutt was doing her best to round me up using her leash. So off we went, her favourite walk is along First beach, so I wasn't about to disappoint her. The best part and definiitely the hightlight of my day was seeing Bekkie's beautiful smiling face. She and Loki were also taking the opportunity to enjoy what was left of a perfect afternoon. The dogs were so excited to see each other, so we let them off and watched as they raced in and out of the water, barking at the small waves as the rolled in.

It was so nice to just stroll along the beach catching up and being Bekkie's first pregnancy I was keen to see that she was looking after herself. Well, I really didn't have to worry because she was simply glowing and no wonder.. she also dropped the bombshell that she was having twins!! I am not a woman easily lost for words *winks* just ask my kids... but just as she herself was a twin, she was now carrying her own. I couldn't wrangle any names out of her that afternoon.. but let's see how well she holds up after several afternoon tea's with Liseli and I. *smirks* The poor kid doesn't stand a chance.

Well, after Ruffnutt and I walked Bekkie and Loki home, who would have ever suspected the surprise I would receive when I strolled through the front door. Both Leah and Seth had arrived home early and thought they would surprise me with dinner and a dvd. Honestly... does it get any better?

So there you go, I had a fabulous day... Bekkie is having twins and my kids made me dinner without arguing. Oh, by the way... don't tell anyone about the twins, I think it's still a secret. *winks*

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Comment by Sue Clearwater on June 30, 2012 at 3:56am

... and thanks Liam, it was just one of those rare, beautiful days.

Comment by Sue Clearwater on June 30, 2012 at 3:55am

You gotta love secrets on the Res *laughs*


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