We are halfway through Summer and I can honestly say that for the first time in a long time that I am happy. Not just content but truly happy, that is not always an easy thing to say... but there you have it, I am.

Maybe it's the fact that Seth has transferred to the local college and is home once again, I am sure that is a large factor. Also, for some unknown and mystical reason, he and Leah seem to be actually getting on a lot better these days. I no longer constantly harbour the fear, of them phasing inside the house and destroying that, which keeps us from being homeless. Don't laugh... for a while there it was a real possibility. Have you seen Leah's temper?

It could also be that Leah and Seth just seem happier of late, since Ruffnutt became part of our family, she has added a new dynamic to our lives. Somebody is always racing home to feed her or take her for a walk or.... to simply hang out with her, just so she doesn't become too lonely. Quite often, we all have had the same idea and this has led to us spending a lot more family time together, sitting down for our evening meal together before or after taking a walk along the beach. (all for Ruffnutt of course *winks*) The days of constantly leaving notes for one another on the fridge and table seem to be disappearing and I cannot tell you how nice that is. Our mornings are still up & down... but that of course is to be expected. We all have different schedules but ending our day together as a family... I know that is something that would make Harry smile.

Do not misunderstand me, Leah and Seth still argue, bicker and bait one another just as all siblings do... but things are different, definitely different. Now, if only I can get Liseli to stop spreading those rumours about that infernal cat being mine and life would be sweet. Well, we still have the rest of Summer to enjoy and hope *laughs* we can always hope. Seth has come up with a great Halloween prank for Liseli just in case though... but shhhh it's a secret.

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