In the grand scheme of things, we are all only here for the blink of an eye... each and every one of us. (with the exception of certain company)

Unfortunately, as the years pass us by... we have to say goodbye to the ones who leave us behind. It doesn't matter whether you think you are ready or not, the hurt and pain of losing a beloved family member or friend will leave you feeling like your are gasping for air and turn your world upside down. And each time you experience a new loss, you will invetably remember those who have passed before.

With Joshua's recent passing, old wounds will re-open for some of us and the emptiness that only loss can bring, will sidle up and keep as company as though it were an old friend. For those who are making this aquaintance for the first time? We will do what we must, to help them through this.
There is no passage of time, that can erase the scars.... that are left on our hearts. There is only the knowledge that we are not alone.

If you could talk to that person just one last time, what would you say? "Goodbye" or "I love you" are the two most common answers, a grieving loved one will tell you, they wish they could say. My goodbye to Joshua was not an elaborate one but... I did take the opportunity to tell him that I thought the world of him and I did promise him that I would watch out for Collin. The same promise a host of others made I know and one that we will all stand by.
Sadly, we did not get to say our last goodbyes to Sarah or Harry, but with the help of friends and wonderful advice from the grief counsellor on staff. I was eventually able to make peace with that situation. I wrote them each a goodbye letter that I keep in my Journals. So whilst I may have had a goodbye of sorts with Joshua, I think I'll pen a goodbye letter to him regardless.

My dearest friend....

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