My mind continually keeps wandering back to the day in forks.  The day we all went to investigate the claim that the Cullen's had created an immortal child.  Unlike most of the missions I went on, Aro had brought almost everyone.  We knew Alice's gift would have alerted the Cullen's.     Aro did not worry about this, as we did not need to surprise them.  should they flee, I would be able to track them down regardless of where they fled to. 

I can still remember every detail from that day. How the snow had been falling until just before we hit the clearing.  How the sound of animals vanished from all the areas we walked through.  The sound of the snow crunching under our feet as we all walked across the field in unison.   We formed an impressive group.  Renata shadowing Aro.  Alex and Jane just a few steps away.  Felix and I just a bit away from them.  The masters and their wives followed by so many guards and witnesses. 

As we crossed the field the Cullen's and others covens waited on the other side for us.  Scanning the group I couldn't help but notice that Alice and Jasper were both both missing.  There were large wolves with them.  I knew that must have put a few of our kind on edge.  There were many other Covens and Nomads gathered with the Cullen's.  I tried to make note of everyone there.  But there was one face I was not prepared to see.  Amun. Kebi was standing by his side.  I knew as I laid my eyes I them that a look of shock passed over my face. 

Amun was a survivor.  He'd never do anything that would put him in harms way.  I knew he would never do anything to put his existence at risk.  His presence here did not make sense.  I knew from experience that he would not cross the Volturi unless he was sure he was safe.  It made me wonder what Carlisle or one of his coven could have said to convince him to leave his safe haven in Egypt.  To leave the place he felt safe.  Aro had let him live twice in the past. To serve as an example.  It made the prospect of his safe departure so much smaller.  Aro had been merciful with Amun in the past.  I knew how Amun had given up being worshiped like a god when Aro and the Volturi wiped out the coven the first time.  Kebi has practically worshiped the ground Amun walked on when I was in Egypt with them.   To see her at his side now was no surprise.  This had me thinking for a brief  moment if my presence was missed in Egypt.  Did Amun regret letting me go so easily?   No, I thought returning my focus to the now.  My place was here, with Aro, Caius and Marcus.  They were my family now.   And Amun and Kebi being here with the Cullens would brand them as  traitors. 
Then I saw the two who were standing with Amun, who had darker skin like Amun, Kebi and I.  They did seem to be there with Amun and Kebi.  Would Amun have dared to expand his coven?   Did Aro know?  So many questions, but I knew I needed to stay focused on my duties.  But my mind would not let those questions go.  
It was much later that I learned those two were Benjamin and Tia.  That Amun had found Benjamin as a street performer and had changed  Benjamin.  That made him my brother in a sense.  I also learned that Benjamin had a great skill.  He could control the elements.  Water, air, fire and earth would move at his command.  Upon learning this I was a bit surprised that Aro had not tried to get Benjamin to join the guard.  If he were here with us, I could get to know him. 
Getting to know Benjamin was a thought that lingered in the back of my mind for weeks.  Did Amun  see him as a replacement for me?  So many questions about Benjamin and Egypt I knew would go unanswered. 

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