After weeks of my going back and forth between Heidi and Corin, Master Aro summoned me.  One never knows what to expect when you are summoned.  It could be anything from a change of duties, to being sent away on a mission.  But somehow I knew it was about Heidi and Corin.   All of the lesser guards were talking.   Felix was away and I couldn't talk to the one person I had been talking to for months as she was part of the situation. 

I knew right off Master Aro would use his gifts to see what had been going on.   Not trying to hide anything from his is always the best.  Especially if you want to remain safe and hold onto what ever position you've managed to gain in our ranks.  I was honest with him.  Told him what was going on with Heidi and Corin.   He demanded I made a decision between the two woman and reminded me that duties must come first.   

Staying away from Heidi was easier than I expected.  Though with her being sent away again to bring back more humans for us to feed on, well that did work to my benefit of being able to avoid her.  But Corin had been told to stay way from me by Master Aro.  

I couldn't stay away from her.  I knew the moment I saw the worry and hurt in her eyes from being denied my company by Master Aro that my choice was made.  There was more than just friendship between Corin and I.   For a few days I worried I would not be able to give up Heidi and just be with Corin, but the more I was with just Corin the more I knew I could.   It was not just infatuation or lust with Corin.  No I knew it was more.  I never use to smile much, but with her I smile ever time I see her.  The thought of never being near her, to walk in the gardens with her is not something I wish to even consider.  

It took me a very long time to admit it was more than friendship that I had with Corin.  The courage to say the words she needed to hear, to realize after how much I needed to admit them to myself.  Well the price of finding that courage was well worth the relief I felt after.  And Corin's reaction.  To say it thrilled me would be such an understatement.  I doubt she will ever forget the moment when I told her I loved her.  And while in a way I do care and love my family here, it is different with Corin.  

Even Master Aro has said it is love.  Though he still tests me to make sure I will put him, Master Caius, Master Marcus, Athendora and Sulpica first.  My duties will always come first.   Master Aro will make sure of that, and I am well aware of that. 

For now, Corin and I still have separate chambers.  And we are taking things day by day.  slowly.  She deserves to be courted and spoiled.  I want nothing less for her.  Though every day it is a test of my will power to behave and stay as the gentleman when for years I have not had to do so.  She is worth the wait, and the end results I know will be so sweet and such a reward for being patient with her. 

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Comment by Corin Volturi on March 29, 2014 at 9:18am

And it was love *grins* I mean the wait and you spoil me every single day, us being together is the best that has ever happen to me, you are my everything my whole world I never thought I would fall in love as deeply as I have with you and it was definitely something worth waiting for.

I love you


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