It's easy to forget how little my sweet Corin has seen of the world.  Her father never let her out to see the world.  And once she was changed, he kept her prisoner.  Part of that may have been due to her having such an addictive gift.  One that use to cause me to limit the time I spent near her.  Over the years with practice she has been able to control it more and more.  She has learned such control with her gift that she can now share with me how she is feeling.  It's quite extraordinary, especially when words fail.

We've spent a quite a few hours together recently where I am telling her how places have changed over the centuries.  One night we talked only of France.  We talked of places she knew and how they changes.  Other places further from her home.  How the language had changed, ever so much over the years.

Last night we talked about my past.  We snuggled and relaxed in the tub together.  The water warm and inviting. I can still hear the hesitation in her voice when she ask questions about my past.   Like she is worried they will scare me away from her.  Even after all her immortal years, I was a bit surprised this trait had not vanished.  I know I would not willing leave her.  

With my human memories being so few, I told her about my time in Egypt.  Living with Amun and Kebi.  What Egypt was like in those early years.  Learning everything Amun would teach me.  I had a great hunger for knowledge in those early years.  Languages came easily to me.  Amun was always protective of me, but never totally isolated me from the world.  I shared with her what I thought of that part of the world.  How their culture changed and was still changing.  In a small way I longed to go back there.  To see Amun and Egypt again.  To show this part of my world to Corin.  To let her experience some of it.  Though those wishes were just that.  A wish, a dream.  For I did not think that Master Aro or Master Caius would let Corin leave the castle for more than a few hours.   There is so much I would love to do with my sweet Corin, but for now we have to be content to live here.  To share the world with her through my memories. 

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