After his final surfing competition, Solomon finished first. I'm was so proud of him, but I couldn't push away that void in my heart for not having my family in my life for almost 12 years. Just imagine that, missing all the marriages, births, deaths, birthdays...
That night we went home and I ended up crying to him about how much I needed my Dad, Billy again & my twin sister, Rachel, even my bratty little brother, Jacob. He held me tight, trying to comfort me.
That's when the thought of moving back to the Reservation came up.
Honestly, I hadn't told Leo much about where I came from. The stories of the Rez. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't scared that they would scare him off.
When the day came to move, I was feeling a mix of excitement, happiness, but nervousness of what I had missed and all the reactions of my family and friends.

The day after I arrived, it was my Dad, Billy's birthday. It was the perfect time to surprise him, but little did I know there were a few surprises waiting for me beyond the doors of the Center that I'm not sure I was ready to hear.

I walked into the Community Center, unaware of who or what is find. My twin sister, Rachel, noticed me and she could barely believe that I was back after all these years. I was welcomed by Tiffany and other members of my Quileute family, but I had to wait to see my Dad.

It killed me inside to wait, but I patiently waited for him to arrive, & yelled 'Surprise' when the time was appropriate. More waiting while I stood with Rach to see Dad and wait for his reaction. My nerves were through the roof as I approached him. I could see him starting to get choked up as I hugged him tightly, finally feeling at home again.

The party went on and I got somewhat caught up on what has went on since I left.
One thing in particular caught me off guard; my Dad was married to Tiffany Call and they were expecting a baby. As Rachel was telling me about this, she called her "mom."

I was extremely set back by this. I couldn't believe what I heard. I couldn't imagine calling anyone else but my own mother that.
Rachel explained everything to me about their relationship and I started to calm down.
Sue Clearwater & I started talking as Rachel checked on Tiffany. Next thing we all know, Tiffany is in so much pain, Dad had to rush her to the hospital. They were unable to make it and Aerie was born that Saturday night.

My homecoming wasn't normal, by all means, but then again, life where we live is far from normal and full of secrets.

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