I had just arrived home from cooking dinner for Charlie, as I pulled my car into the driveway, I looked over to see Jacob sitting on our porch steps. "Hey Sue" a sunny smile as always graced his face, but for once it didn't quite touch his eyes. "Hey there Jake, how are you?" "Good, Good" was the instant reply, straight away I knew Jake was a tad nervous about something. "Ok Jacob Black" I smiled, raising an eyebrow, "Out with it, I can tell your nervous about something, or better still, lets chat over a cup of tea", a bemused Jacob followed me into the house and before too long we were chatting away at the kitchen table and helping ourselves to blueberry muffins.

After his third muffin, Jacob finally found his courage and asked permission for Bella Swan to attend our next tribal council meeting. I nearly choked on my tea at first, but I sat quietly and heard him out, he told me everything and Bella's involvement, I couldn't help but soften a little. Jacob talked on about how worried he was about Bella and that she needed to know the whole story, I watched him carefully that afternoon and my heart went out to him, there was a sadness that had crept into his voice that I hadn't heard in such a long time. Whether he knew or not, Jacob had fallen in love.

That thought and many others stayed with me over this revelation, I was completely torn, how was this going to end and who would end up hurt. I also had to take into consideration that this was Charlie's daughter, his child. This was my friend who had been there for me and my family after losing Harry, so didn't I owe him. After all that he and Bella had already been through, I couldn't bare to think of either of them in anymore pain. So there inlay my predicament. No-one outside of our council or had ever attended a meeting before yet no-one outside of our community knew so much before either. Jacob and I continued talking, until I could honestly see no reason not to let her come. Billy of course had already given his consent.

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