There is a first time for everything isn't there, but how do you prepare for your first hunt, I had been a vampire for some hours now, but I had to wait till darkness fell and in the meantime my throat burned like a funace, I had never known a craving like it, it was a thirst that no water could quench. Everywhere around me I could smell what I wanted, what I needed, we lived in the middle of a city and I was surrounded by humans, but as hungry as I was, as painful as the fire was I still couldn't help noticing their faces and their eyes.

It is unfortunate that there is no shortage of evil in this world but for once that counted favourably for me. I was dragged into the streets after dark, "You will hunt Carmen, you have no choice" Cortez sneered. The venom pooled in my mouth and the fire burned in my throat, the thirst was unbearable, I scanned the cobbled streets searching, until I found exactly what I was looking for, a darkened alley way. I hadn't ventured very far when a voice behind me half growled, "Are you lost?", slowly I turned to face my tormentor. I despised him instantly, I could feel his hatred for me rolling off of him in waves and that was all I needed. I lost myself to my thirst, with a smile upon my face and his scent washing over me, I gently layed my hand across his cheek and leaning in, I whispered the last words he would ever hear, "Es demasiado tarde para mí, pero mayo Dios tiene misericordia de su alma - It is too late for me but may God have mercy on your soul. Running my fingers into his hair and pulling his head back sharply, I watched his eyes widen in fear, I sunk my teeth deep into his soft flesh and with a sudden gush, his blood was coursing down my throat, closing my eyes and tightening my grip around his neck. I let out a soft growl as I began to drain him, the venom worked quickly and his grip on my arms loosened, I watched as the light faded from his eyes and as the last of his blood passed my lips his heart went silent. My thirst was by no means quenched, it would be some time before I could feed & feel some sense of real relief, I dragged his lifeless corpse into an abandoned building & securely hiding him, I watched as the cities starving cats descended, although sickened by the monster I had become I was grateful for this small blessing and I had no doubt what the cats would not finish the rats would, either way I was safe, his true cause of death would never be known.

I emerged from the building back into the alleyway wandering if my hands would ever feel clean again, only stopping short as I heard the sound of very slow clapping, I knew Cortez was still there, but the sight of him leaning up against that wall & slowly clapping his hands together, nearly sent me over the edge, but what was the use he was stronger than I, that had already been demonstrated, instead I let my glare tell him which my words could not, "Good Carmen, you hatred for me is good, it will serve you well", exasperated and shaking my head, I turned and merely walked home, with my real tormentor following closely behind.

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