A jounal entry....

My darling Eleazar,

Each of us walks a path in life, sometimes we know where we're going, other times we just stumble along lifes journey and hope it all works out. I had been lost for such a long time, I lost everyone I had ever loved or cared for, I had lost all hope and truly longed for it all to end. But then as though by magic you were there, you swept into my life like a warm summers breeze and just like that you changed my world.

The first thing I ever did in my life that ever made sense was putting my hand in yours and I have never let it go. From the moment you held my hand, you held my heart. I followed you that day and have been by your side ever since, in 165 years I have never doubted you, I have no regrets and you have filled my life with a love that takes my breath away, I can honestly say I am blessed to have you in my life you are my best friend, my lover, my husband, you have saved me in every way possible and the moment you smiled and spoke my name I knew I would forever belong to you.

So how do I say thank you, every little thing you do makes me smile, you are my smile Mi Amor, when you reach over to brush the hair from my face, when you hold my hand and lace my fingers in yours, when we lay for hours in each others arms, when you sit quietly and watch me painit, when you rest your forehead against mine, when you take me in your arms and hold me close, for I know no matter what, as long as you are beside me, as long as I am in your arms, I am home.

Eternally Yours
My love, My heart, My Soul

p.s Mi Amor, Es mi mundo, mi única razón de estar aquí, viviendo sin usted no es una opción, si va, voy

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Comment by Carmen Denali on May 17, 2010 at 9:42pm
Mi amor,
I too thank this day and it is easy to love & brighten your day when you love me so, you complete my life & although it is unneeded you take my breath away, I would be forever lost with you.
Siempre mi amor


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