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I whip my hair back and forth!!!

Most of you don't know I colour my hair just about every single month, to the point where I don't even remember my original hair colour. Black, brown, orange, blonde, I think I've done them all...'s a trip down memory lane from where I last have pictures I can upload.


Age: 13

This one was the longest ago I can get a link to! See how my hair…


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My name is Kira, and I'm going to change the world

Well, I'm going to try mighty hard,…


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15 things you probably didn't know about me

1. Team Jacob baybeh!

2. I believe that Damon is much, much better than Stefan

3. Loving sister to Charlotte Tamara

4. I live with my grandparents

5. I live in australia

6. Ballet and acoustic guitar are my niches

7. I work at McDonalds

8. Cats are better than dogs in my opinion

9. I am exceptionally good at making cookies

10. My family breeds ragdoll cats

11. I won Miss Congeniality 2010

12. My brother's name is…


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Much more muchier

I wasn't always this girl.

I wasn't always bubbly and exciteable, I used to be depressed

I didn't always have red hair, I coloured it as a form of solidarity.

I never used to dance, because I never had a reason to.

I never used to play guitar or sing, because I hadn't been taught.

I used to have a best friend, but I lost her and she's not coming back.

I used to spend every waking moment praying, but now I've just lost hope and faith.

I'm different… Continue

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