Most of you don't know I colour my hair just about every single month, to the point where I don't even remember my original hair colour. Black, brown, orange, blonde, I think I've done them all...'s a trip down memory lane from where I last have pictures I can upload.


Age: 13

This one was the longest ago I can get a link to! See how my hair looks soft and nice? That's because it's normal...for now. Those waves are my natural hair when I blowdry it.


Age: 13

My hair, recently under it's first bout of colouring. Just a hint blonder than before. I straightened it, too.


Age: 14

This year, my hair is slowly, but gradually, getting darker. I straightened it, but you can't see it because I had it up for dancing :)


Age: 14

I decide to brave it all and cut my pretty locks just above my neck, straighten them and colour them fire hydrant orange. Hmm.


Guess when?

And also, guess who?

Yes, I had a fro.

I did the world's greatest shave to raise funds for my best friend Tamara who had leukemia, and my hair grew out, not down.


Age: 15

I let my hair grow out, a nice pretty colour now. Still flattened them all out.


Wait, what????

I joke, I joke. That was a wig for Dancing. I was Barbie :)


Age: 15

I decide to embrace my curls rather than straighten them...something that stays now.

But I delve into the world of the ranga, part of a form of farewell to Tamara, who always said I'd look pretty with red hair <3


It's now, chicka!

I decide the red is too much, but I don't really want to let it go, so I just go a shade of browny red. Sam still calls me ranga.


And there we have it...






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