"You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?"

To be part of a family like mine means that you get to live in a world that would ordinarily not be known to a normal person. My family though they appear to be very normal are Vampires and with that comes certain dangers and secrets, that most of the world population is not aware of.

As with every nation or country we as vampires have certain regime that keep the laws which have been created to keep our existence a secret in place and ensures that they are followed. They are known as the Volturi.

They are a family or Clan of Vampires that is as old as time and are feared by all Vampires, known for their gifts and strength and influence. Aro is one of the three main family members and being who he is; he is always looking to extend his guard with those extra special Vampires, the ones who abilities are more than just brutal strength and speed.

This places my family on top of their wanted list. Not just because we have learned to adopt the way we have, but more so for the many gifts that is in our family.

Since my birth I have been added to this list not only for the gift I possess but also for what I am, a hybrid. My existence baffles Aro and intrigues him on so many levels.  

A few weeks back Aunt Alice saw in her vision that Jane would be in Forks. Not sure of what her agenda was, my aunt decided to meet Jane before she could approach the house. The reason Jane gave for her presence in Forks was twofold, firstly to see how my mom is doing, making sure she has not fallen of the wagon in a matter of speaking and also to report to Aro about my progress.

After Jane left town, Aunt Alice called us all together and told us that though Jane left seemingly satisfied, she did make mention of her return and that next time she wants to see me personally.

At first this terrified me; Jane is not someone you meet lightly as her gift has the potential of inflicting a lot of pain. Although the more I have been thinking of it, the more intrigued I am getting. Maybe it’s my love for history and the fact that the Volturi’s are some of the oldest Vampires, or maybe the fact that they still manage to strike so much fear in all Vampires. But I find myself wanting to meet Jane, to get to speak to her, learning about the Volturi. Knowledge is power and the more you know your “enemy” the better.

Visiting Italy has been in the back of my mind, I know my last experience in Italy with the Volturi was not the fondest of memories…. But what if I go under different circumstances, to meet them and see how they live and do things. For now I am just going to keep this thoughts to myself, I don’t want to stress my family, but I have to be honest with myself as I am curious.

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